This Week’s Mystery Round

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If you didn’t make it out to the quiz this week and wanna play the mystery round, here it is. There was a little bit of controversy, as there were a few minor “additions” you had to make to get the theme, but there was an unmistakeable theme.

1. This man has been hosting a show on WMMR since 1981.
2. This Wake Forest grad currently plays point guard on the Houston Rockets.
3. Cartoonist Thomas Nast is the artist who gave us the chubby version of what iconic character?
4. This wrestling legend recently announced that he no longer drinks. Whaaaaaaaat?
5. This company used to have the tagline: “Life is Short. Have an Affair.”
6. He hosted the tonight show for 30 years.
7. This 2000 song by Outkast was inspired by Andre 3000s relationship with Erykah Badu’s mother.
8. What is the common theme of the answers for #1-#7?

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  1. Pierre Robert
  2. Chris Paul
  3. Santa Claus
  4. Steve Austin
  5. Ashley Madison
  6. Johnny Carson
  7. Ms. Jackson 
  8. State Capitals (Pierre, St Paul, Santa Fe, Austin, Madison, Carson City, Jackson)


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