Philly Food and Drink History Round

  1. What was the first restaurant Stephen Starr opened, in 1995?
  2. What legendary nightclub and restaurant was located at 824 Catharine until it burned down in a fire in 1994 (above)?
  3. What’s the oldest continuously running bar in Philadelphia, having opened in 1860.
  4. What Philadelphia restaurant gets its name from the French term for the Fine Palate?
  5. What’s the last name of brothers Pat and Harry who invented the cheesesteak?
  6. The portion of this street between Broad and 20th, has traditionally been known as restaurant row.
  7. This legendary hot dog stand stood at 6th between South and Lombard for over 100 years.
  8. The first ever automat was unveiled at 818 Chestnut Street in 1902. These food and drink vending machines were operated by what legendary food services company?
  9. The only tavern remaining from colonial Philly is located on 125 Spruce, though it’s no longer open to the public. What’s it called?
  10. The word hoagie probably comes from Hog Island, where shipbuilders during WWI put deli meats on Italian rolls. What covers most of Hog Island today?
  11. In what year did Reading Terminal Market open in its current location (credit if you’re within 2 years)?

1. Continental

2. Palumbo’s

3. McGillan’s Olde Ale House

4. Le Bec Fin

5. Olivieri. Sadly the family has had a falling out over the cheesesteak empire. Rick of Rick’s Steaks fame is Pat’s grandson, and Pat’s is owned by descendant’s of Harry.

6. Walnut

7. Levis*

8. Horn and Hardart

9. Man Full of Trouble Tavern

10. Philly airport

11. 1892

*incidentally, the first place I ever lived when I moved to Philly was an apartment upstairs from where Levis’s was.

2 thoughts on “Philly Food and Drink History Round

  1. There is absolutely nothing incidental about the fact that the legendary hotdog Johnny Goodtimes lived at the site of the legendary hotdog stand Levis when he first moved to Philadelphia. I mean to say, I’m not superstitious or new agey or anything like that, but tt has to have had some significance. It was karma. Or something.

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