The JGT Quizzo Top 20 Rankings

After putting all of the numbers of the past few months through our PATENTED Quiztron 2000 computer system, we now have a definitive Top 20 Quizzo list. We’ll see how our teams do in this week’s games and adjust them accordingly next week.

  1. Social Distance Warriors. Won one tourney. Lost in OT in the Finals of the 2nd. No brainer.
  2. Underground Bard. A huge win in the World Cup Finals after running through some of quizzos toughest teams.
  3. Boyz II Menehune. A Quizzo Bowl win and a Final Four appearance in the World Cup.
  4. Expired Walmart Meat. Final Four appearance, lost to eventual champs in OT.
  5. Cool Cats and Kittens. Highest scoring team in the regular season. Final 8 finish.
  6. Zodiac Killer. Tied for 2nd highest regular season score, Final 8 in both tourneys.
  7. Careless Fister. Tied for 2nd highest regular season score.
  8. Lambda Lambda Lambda. Won Group K, lost a 52-51 heartbreaker to SDW in Final 8.
  9. Branch Covidians. Final Four in April Madness, won Group J.
  10. Yacht Rock. Won Group F.
  11. Sofa Kingdom. Disappointing in both tourneys. Have their glory days past them by?
  12. Duane’s World. Great regular season but stunning first round loss in tourney.
  13. Synchronized Trampoline. Final Four in April Madness, Final Four in the NIT.
  14. Del Covid 19. Went 3-0 and won Group H.
  15. L Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. Won Group L.
  16. In the Lead. Shocked Duane’s World in tourney, then almost beat Boyz II Menehune.
  17. Babysitters Fight Club. 3-0 regular season, Final 8 in April Madness.
  18. Texas City Players Club. Won the NIT.
  19. Lamination Station. Final Four in April Madness and Final 8 in the NIT.
  20. Cracked Eggheads. 125 points in regular season.

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