DelCovid-19 (aka Preteen Pregnancy Pact, among other names) has played together for nearly 15 years. The team attributes its success at quizzo to hanging out at the Bazaar of All Nations, being bullied, and a lifetime of drinking water from Darby Creek. Its team motto is “You have to do everything you can, you have to work your hardest, and if you do, you have a shot at a silver lining.”

Bars Repped

Being from the 33rd County of Ireland, the team felt honorbound to play quizzo at Nodding Head with Irish John on Sundees. The team also played occasionally on Thursday nights at the Bards. But life got in the way! And the team members are now spread throughout the Midatlantic region. However, virtual quizzo has given the team’s members an opportunity to play together regularly again on Sundays and in the Quizzo World Cup.


Though the team has undergone numerous lineup changes, the core of the team features members representing Upper Darby (Andrew, Steve, Rob, and Evan) of Silver Linings Playbook fame and Havertown (Shawn), which some say isn’t really Delco. The current, and strongest ever, lineup also features Jess from Boyertown (but to her credit, currently an Upper Darby resident), Jacqi from Coatesville, which would fit right in Delco, and Jessica from Ohio, which incidentally also has a Delaware County.

Claims to Fame

The team, enticed by the promise of all-you-can-drink beer and seeing a legendary prop comic get booed off the stage, played its first big quiz at Quizzo Bowl IV at the Blue Horizon and has played in every Quizzo Bowl since (including the one on the boat). Due to the snowstorm during Quizzo Bowl XI, members of DelCovid-19 joined with players from Cracked Eggheads to form Cracked Pact, the winners of Quizzo Bowls XII, XIII, and XV. The team has also competed in Geek Bowls XII, XIII, and XIV, this year coming in 26th out of 231 teams, which is not too shabby.