Congrats to Cool Cats and Kittens!

Shout out to Cool Cats and Kittens whose score of 50 was the highest of anyone last week. Here are our full final standings. We’ll see how this affects our top 20, coming out later this week!

1. Cool Cats and Kittens50
2. Zodiac Killer$49
3. Backstreet Boys II Menehune48
4. Au Bon Pandemic47
T-4. Expired Walmart Meat47
T-4. Yacht Rock47
7. Covid’s Metamorphoses46
T-7. Hot Bleach Injection (aka Bologna Strong)46
9. Kings of Leon45
10. Super Spreaders43
T-10. The Quarantiners43
T-10. Hallmark Hot43
13. Stately Plump Buck Mulligans42
14. Branch Covidians41
15. L Ron Hubbard40
T-15. Lambda Lambda Lambda40
16. Missing Wuhan Scientists39
T-16. The Covidiots39
T-16. Sofa Kingdom39
T-16. Babysitters Fight Club39
20. FFSF38
21. Pop Fit Studio37
T-21. Core-entine37
23. Quiz on My Face36
T-23. Hydroxychloroquine Latifa36
T-23. Quick Question36
26. Below Basic35
T-26. Synchronized Trampoline35
T-26. The Missing Heads35
29. City Tap33
T-29. TNQQC33
31. Together Alone32
T-31. Meat Sweats32
T-31. Cark in a Whig32
34. Dobby’s Sock31
T-34. Not Last place31
T-34. Carole’s Husband31
37. Brandon Muthafuckin’ Grotesque29
38. Joshy Rich’s Close Touch Salon27
39. There’s no I25
40. What About Bob?24
T-40. Socially Distant24
T-40. 1team1dream24

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