Texas City Players Club

The Texas City Players Club (formerly Non-Sporting Class) team is led by their captain April. The other founding player is her brother Bob and the other players on the team, Jen, Steph, Mike, Laura, Greg, and (sometimes) Bernard, are awesome people that April and Bob have somehow convinced to spend time listening to them fight about something that happened 20 years ago, and always come up huge with answers! We play Quizzo because we enjoy being able to occasionally outsmart and beat the teams that think they know all the answers and usually win, and of course to have fun with our friends.

Bars Repped

April, Bob, and Jen normally play Quizzo with Carl on Thursdays at Birra when they are not under a stay at home order. Steph, Mike, Laura, Greg, and Bernard are new to JGT Quizzo, but Steph and Mike play in Wilmington.


April, Bob, Jen, Steph, Mike, Laura, Greg, and Bernard

Claims to Fame

Bob has won several softball championships.