Lamination Station

A shadowy cabal of rouge government scienctists on Earth calling themselves the Enclave sought to engineer a team of perfect quizzo competitors to dominate the global trivia scene and thus the world. Unfortunately due to a combination of funding issues, coding errors, and an errant grape skittle all the Enclave got was us. Nevertheless, after rebelling against our creators and pledging only to quiz for truth and justice, we fled to South Philly and eventually settled at Birra where we’re pretty ok—unless you ask us about US geography. Alternatively, we are a rag tag group who met through mutual friends.

Bars Repped

Lamination Station reps Birra (big ups South Philly!). We make there about every other month and even though we usually finish in first or second place, we are often relegated to the second floor like riff-raff.


Kara, Colleen, Alex, Sean, Ben, Alison, The Right Honorable Lord Duncan

Claims to Fame

Other than continually kicking butt at Birra, no big events thus far. But we are just biding our time until we can unleash world quizzo domination and fulfill our ultimate purpose uniting the world in truth, justice, and trivia.

Top Scores

World Cup of QuizzoWeek 145
World Cup of QuizzoSerie B: Round 245
World Cup of QuizzoWeek 242
World Cup of QuizzoSerie B: Round 238
World Cup of QuizzoWeek 332