Fall Brawl

Johnny Goodtimes Quizzo Fall Brawl


Hello there, folks! Carl and I are pleased to announce our latest hare-brained virtual quizzo scheme: the FALL BRAWL.

SEASON: 11 weeks (10-week regular season + 1 week of playoffs). 11 games guaranteed (see below), up to 13 games max.

GAME FORMAT: The 10-week regular season in 40 minute sessions.

LEAGUE FORMAT: 50 teams. Two conferences of 5 divisions, 5 teams per division. You “play against” your 4 division rivals twice, plus 2 non-division games.

SCHEDULE: Regular season starts the week of September 7th. Playoffs (in breakout room format) take place the week of November 16th. The MOTHER OF ALL BRAWLS will take place on Sunday, November 22nd.


  • WEEK 1: Food
  • WEEK 2: Teen Idols
  • WEEK 3: Germany
  • WEEK 4: 2000s sitcoms
  • WEEK 5: Before and After

PLAYOFFS: 12 teams from each conference make the playoffs- the 5 division winners, plus 7 wild card teams. The first 6 wild card spots go to the non-division winners with the highest average scores, and then the 7th slot will be determined by the highest score in Week 10 among those who haven’t yet clinched. There will also be a special event for non-playoff teams (***see below).

PAYMENT: $450 per team, with $20 going to the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign. Final payment is due by October 1. Payment can be made via Venmo via @jgtquizzo.

More details are available here.

Virtual Quizzo Teams >>


  • Week Two Standings, Scores and Storylines

    Here they are, folks. A few interesting notes:

    Defending champs Smells Like Quarantine Spirit seems to be picking up where they left off last season, with the third highest average in the game.

    Our two leading scoring teams through two weeks are the Underground Bard and the Jawns. We may have seen the game of the year in Week 2, as UB edged the Cool Cats and Kittens, 50-49. Sucks when you score the 2nd most points out of 50 teams…and lose.

    By far the biggest shock thus far this season is that after two weeks, the Tuesday Night Quarantine Club is leading their division! If they won their division, I think this would have to eclipse the Miracle on Ice as the greatest upset in sports history. They shocked the Synchronized Trampoline this past week.

    The Gattaca Division is definitely our division of doom. Sofa Kingdom, the Jawns, the Covidiots, and Careless Fister are all capable of taking the division, and the Little Kwings certainly have the talent to play spoiler.

    Nice to see an old rivalry in action this past week. Sofa Kingdom and Narcotyzing Dysfunction used to square off weekly at the Bards 15 years ago. They met again this past week. The Kingdom cruised to a 43-33 victory.

    Boyz II Menehune and Kings of Leon were both in desperate need of a win in a tough Enterprise Division matchup this past week. And the winner was…we don’t know yet. They tied, then both were within one of the tie breaker. We’ll do a 2nd tiebreaker this week.

    If anyone feels like venturing out this weekend, I will be hosting quizzo again at Frankford Hall. This is a totally different quiz than the one we do during the week. It’s all outdoors, each team gets their own table, up to 6 players per team. 7 pm Sunday.

    Still need team logos for Dobby’s Sock, Cark in a Whig, Drunk Parents, REO Quizzwagon, OK Molly Bloomers, Cerebral Assassins, Alternative Fax Machines, Hydroxychlroquine Latifah, and the Covidiots. I recommend canva. Send them to johnny at johnnygoodtimes dot com. See ya this week!

  • Week 1 Scores and Standings

    Here they are folks, our standings after Week One. And boy was Week 1 a wild one. Boyz II Menehune went down. Sofa Kingdom went down. Expired Walmart Meat went down. And we had some thrillers: Texas City Players Club knocked off Yacht Rock. Quiz Yo! edged Sweet Hats, 33-32. Dobby’s Sock held off Drunk Parents 31-30. (To check our final scores, click on the Weekly Matchups tab at the bottom of the page.)

    We move into Week 2 with a new topic: Teen Idols. Gonna be a fun one. Good luck this week!

  • Divisions and Schedule

    Here ya go, folks. You’re split into two conferences (Nerd and Geeks) and each conference consists of 5 teams. The top team in each division will earn an invite to the playoffs…the top 4 teams will get a first round bye. After our 5 division winners, the next 6 teams (wild cards) will be determined by average points (your top 9 scores). Our final wild card team will be determined by scoring the most points among all non-playoff teams in Week 10. So everyone has got something to play for every week. Gonna be a fun season. You can click on “Weekly matchups” at the bottom of the above link to see who you’re up against each week as well. We’ll be unveiling all of the week’s scores each Saturday.

  • Week 1: Food Week
  • Fall Brawl Schedule
    Johnny Goodtimes Quizzo Fall Brawl

    Here are the sign ups for Fall Brawl for the first 5 weeks of the season. Just click on the tab at the bottom if you want to sign up for future weeks and maintain your slot.

    And here are our topics for the first 5 weeks. Good luck everyone!

    • WEEK 1: Food
    • WEEK 2: Teen Idols
    • WEEK 3: Germany
    • WEEK 4: 2000s sitcoms
    • WEEK 5: Before and After