There’s No I in Quizzo

“There’s no I” is an annually updated team with some connection to the UPenn Psychology department who have been playing in Philadelphia for a decade.  The original team name — There’s no I in Quizzo — came to be modified each week with some word or phrase, always with one I, replacing the word Quizzo based on some topical event (such as There’s no I in Westminster Dog Show). While we waited for Johnny to arrive each week, the main pre-quizzo warm up activity was deciding the name for that week.  In some sort of inadvertent metacommentary on the world right now, we aren’t changing anything from week to week of the tournament. We are still sometimes waiting for Johnny.

Bars Repped

We were born at Sidecar, but for the past couple of years shifted to Founding Fathers so we could have fun losing to Duane’s World each week.


Jeremy (captain), Alexa, Anna, Matt, Mike, Sharon and sometimes Lizz (a former team members who moved away but an upside of Zoom Quizzo is that doesn’t matter now!)

Claims to Fame

Um, hmm… we have won quizzo a few times, mostly at Sidecar. In one Invitational we came in 16th out of 16 (where we learned maybe the competition at Sidecar was not what we thought it was.) That’s about the resume. This is our moment.