We’ve met through various ways: high school, work, a dance floor, at London Grill (RIP), PSN and friends. Bars Repped The Leaky Cauldron Players Rebecca, Aunnalea, Petra, Saralyn, Kenny, Keil, Will, Aaron Claims to Fame Nothing.

Au Bon Pandemic

Many of us met in San Francisco through connections to a grad program at UCSF. We are primarily based in the Bay Area, but we also have Philly and Boston contingents. Bars Repped For old times’ sake, we are repping the (now defunct) O’Neill’s Irish Pub in San Francisco, where several of our members used … Continue reading Au Bon Pandemic

Babysitters Fight Club

The team started primarily as a group of co-workers at the Center for Pediatric Clinical Effectiveness at CHOP, but we’ve expanded as people have invited their trivia-interested friends to play with us. Bars Repped We generally split where we play based on the time of the year. Locust Rendezvous ends up being the late fall/winter/early … Continue reading Babysitters Fight Club

Boyz II Menehune

Boyz II Menehune was formed to play in Johnny Goodtimes 2019 Quizzo Bowl which had a Hawaiian theme. Google “Menehune”.They lost by only 1 point so they revamped half the lineup to create a super team from various members of Trivial Warfare Army. Bars Repped Players Paul McLaughlin, Andrew Lin, Jeffrey Seguritan, WIlliam Negron, Joseph … Continue reading Boyz II Menehune

Brains on Cheese

Brains on Cheese (formerly Below Basic) are united by friendship, marriage and family.  The demise of the cruise industry forced us to take our love of trivia from the high seas to Zoom, where we still drink and heckle our host, but no longer win useless keychains. Bars Repped Chris’ Jazz CafeLocust Rendezvous Players Beth, Sheri, … Continue reading Brains on Cheese

Careless Swiffer

Four of us went to college together (Matt, Dan, Brian and Laura), and the remaining two are romantic interests. I may have set up Matt and Laura (who are now married with two kids), not on purpose, but I still take credit. Laura and I met on a summer abroad program to Beijing, and then … Continue reading Careless Swiffer

Carole’s Husband

Carole’s Husband is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” -Benjamin Franklin. Corrie, Lila, Christina, CC, and Megan (ft. secret team members J & J) make room in their extremely busy social lives every Thursday night to wow the world with their incredible breadth and depth of knowledge. Undefeated in their hearts, they … Continue reading Carole’s Husband

Cool Cats & Kittens

Cool Cats and Kittens began on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where George Washington gave a college his name (as well as fifty Guineasand a dream). Eventually, we landed in/near Philly and began frequenting the New Deck and the Bards where we met up with this dude of leisure and started playing his Quizzo game … Continue reading Cool Cats & Kittens

Covideo Killed the Radio Quiz

We’d like to thank our Covid overlords for making virtual quizzo possible. We’d like to thank our Covid overlords for making virtual quizzo possible. Without your divine wisdom it would be nigh impossible to get our team together. And so, we humbly return to you for guidance. Strike down our opponents with your vengeance and … Continue reading Covideo Killed the Radio Quiz

Cracked Eggheads

The Eggheads began as a love story.  In the summer of 2002, T.J. and Laurie were on a road trip down south to celebrate their engagement. One evening they stopped by a cozy pub near the College of Charleston for dinner and in the middle of the meal somebody took out a mic and started … Continue reading Cracked Eggheads


DelCovid-19 (aka Preteen Pregnancy Pact, among other names) has played together for nearly 15 years. The team attributes its success at quizzo to hanging out at the Bazaar of All Nations, being bullied, and a lifetime of drinking water from Darby Creek. Its team motto is “You have to do everything you can, you have … Continue reading DelCovid-19

Dobby’s Sock

As several team members are in the federal witness protection program, no bio is presently available on Dobby’s Sock. Bars Repped Players Claims to Fame

El Tigre

Bars Repped Players Claims to Fame


Bars Repped Players Claims to Fame

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