Meat Sweats

Maura is married to Keanan and siblings with Colin. Colin is married to Maggie. Maggie is friends with Brian, Harry, and Katie because they all play soccer with Maura, Keanan, and Colin (Birnbaum’s Hardware FC – you’ve probably heard of us). Bencella (affectionately known as Queen B) used to play soccer with Hardware until Maura unceremoniously kicked her off the team (Maura would say that Queen B retired). Maura, Brian, and Queen B also work together, solving the world’s planning puzzles. Harry worked with them as well before he moved to Beantown, but quarantine has brought them back together (although Harry is currently in Tucson). It’s all that simple!

Fun fact: Johnny Goodtimes is the reason that Colin and Maggie are married! “Eyeball love ewe Madeline, last will and testament U Mary Queen of Scots me?”

Bars Repped

Bards or Founding Fathers


Colin, Maggie, Maura, Keanan, Brian (Hank), Bencella (Queen B), Katie, Harry

Claims to Fame

Nada. We did finish top 5 during the Mother’s Day pandemic quizzo on 5/10/20 – our new claim to fame. We know moms!

Top Scores

Summer Slam 2020Week 840
Summer Slam 2020Week 337
World Cup of QuizzoWeek 135
Summer Slam 2020Week 434
Summer Slam 2020Week 634
Summer Slam 2020Week 734
Summer Slam 2020Week 533
Summer Slam 2020Week 132
Summer Slam 2020Week 232
World Cup of QuizzoSerie B: Round 129
World Cup of QuizzoWeek 224
World Cup of QuizzoWeek 323