Together Alone

Jeff and Michele met at Penn State in the early 2000’s and have been married for almost 10 years. Jen was in Michele’s sorority at Penn State and Trevor is a good friend of Jeff’s from Penn State as well. Tag is the oddball in not being from Penn State – he is the stray cat we picked up from Kentucky. Jeff and Tag are business partners in an Analytics Consulting company. The whole team lives in Philly and was put together for the exclusive purpose of doing virtual quizzo in quarantine. We have never played with the 5 of us on a team in “real life” prior to COVID.

Bars Repped

We’ve never actually played together as a team. Most recently, Jeff and Tag would do the monthly quizzo at the Fitler Club with Johnny. I have floated to a bunch of different bars over the years, but we are more quizzo free agents that don’t have a particular home field.


Jeff, Michele, Trevor, Jen, and Tag

Claims to Fame

Since we just started playing as a team in quarantine, we have nothing to show prior to the pandemic. However, we have a signature moment as a team which occurred on last Sunday’s quizzo with Johnny and Carl. I accidentally closed the tab with the answer sheet and Johnny asked me to grade my own answers from the first 2 rounds. In the chat, there was an accusation made that we may be CHEATING. As it turns out, at the end of the 2 rounds, our team was in dead last place, so either we didn’t cheat (true) or we are still really bad even when we cheat. Anyway, that gave us a good laugh. Based on our performance in the weeks so far, I would imagine that if we had been competing as a team for years, we would have a lot of participation trophies and not a whole lot of gold medals. However, we would’ve had a bunch of drinks and enjoyed every minute of it!