JGTAI Scores With Less Than a Week To Go!


Well here we go. Our scores with less than a week left to play (these do not include last night at Sidecar).  7 quizzes left to earn yourself an invite. If you’re in the blue, you need to get your team together this week and make it happen. As of right now, some illustrious teams such as Popesack, Encyclopedophiles, and #1 Government Team Competitor are on the outside looking in. It’s also worth noting that the staff team at Industry, with that win last week, is within striking distance of an upset appearance.

So, in addition to quizzes this week, you can also earn points on facebook. Just post a picture of yourself in the midst of some fall foliage. You can also earn your team an extra 5 points by leaving a positive review on itunes for our podcast (the more reviews we get, the better our search results.) Just shoot me a line and let me know that the reviewer was you when you’re done.

And of course you can earn points by finishing first, second or third this week. Your best bet to score a win? Probably Industry, though City Tap House is also up for grabs plenty of times.

Then there is the last gasp effort, which is wild card week next week. Any team that finishes first earns an automatic invite. But if you don’t want to leave it to chance, I would get some physical challenges done and get your team out to quizzo this week. The Big Event takes place on November 22nd at the City Tap House and will feature live music from the John Train band (who are awesome).

Duane’s World Wins 5th Annual JGTAI


Duane’s World pulled off a perfect impossible round to record a 133-126 win over the #1 Government Team Competitor, with the Pogs of Tortuga finishing 3rd. It was Duane’s World’s first Autumn Invitational win, and marked the 2nd straight year that a Black Sheep team won the prestigious event (last year it was Blazing Sea Nuggets). It was a spirited matchup, with 11 teams entering the final round within two questions of the lead. The Pogs of Tortuga held the lead after 4 rounds, but missed two questions in the final round to finish in 3rd.

We learned quite a few things at this year’s invitational. We learned that William Shatner covered Pulp, that the first jukebox was installed at a bar in 1889, and that the deepest a human has dived underwater without any aid is 331 feet (here’s a short documentary on that diver, William Trubridge).

Alright, so here are last night’s scores (and each team’s home bar). And congrats to Duane’s World on their huge win.

  1. Duane’s World (Black Sheep) 133
  2. #1 Government Team Competitor (The Vous) 126
  3. Pogs of Tortuga (City Tap/Black Sheep) 125
  4. Encyclopedophiles (O’Neals) 119
  5. Ruby Tuesday (Bards) 115
  6. Boo-Urns (Industry) 114
  7. Jitney Spears (Black Sheep) 111
  8. Imaginary Pablo and the Goat (Industry) 108
  9. Satan’s MInions (Black Sheep) 102
  10. Serbian Donkey Cheese (Bards) 97
  11. The Real Chip K (Sidecar) 95
  12. Exhausted Nihilists (Industry) 93
  13. Inkspot (North Star) 93

JGTAI Final Scores Are Posted!


Here they are, folks! FInal scores to this year’s JGTAI. Teams in Yellow made the first team, and will get an invite and have a chance at a bonus prize. Teams in orange made the cut and will receive an invite. The two teams in red earned an automatic invite a few weeks ago. Teams in light purple are on the bubble…if teams ahead of them decline an invite, they could still get one.

The event will be next Sunday at the City Tap House at 5:30. More details are coming soon. If you have not made the cut, there is still hope. This is wild card week, and teams that win this week earn an automatic invite.

Invites will be sent out on Tuesday…if you made the cut, and are on one of the following teams, please shoot me your email so I can get you your invite (you can contact me at johnny at johnnygoodtimes.com):

Real Chip K

We’re Kind of a Mess

Serbian Donkey Cheese

JGTAI Scores After Two Weeks!


Here ya go! Our scores after two weeks of quizzin’. Lots of points were given away with our Bonus question this past week. Well, there is a new one up. Great way to earn points, and to get to know a bit more about each other as well.

Teams in yellow and orange would make the cut if the season ended today. But the season doesn’t end today. Lots of time left to play. So get your team in gear and get out to quizzo, so you can earn an invite to the JGT Autumn Invitational!  

Action starts again on Monday at 7 p.m. at North Star and 9:30 at Sidecar. Since both were cancelled last week, both will be double points quizzes this week.


Blazing Sea Nuggets Win Autumn Invitational


The Blazing Sea Nuggets knocked off the Jesters of Tortuga, 149-139, to take the 2013 Autumn Invitational Sunday night at the City Tap House. Duane’s World came in third, and Boo-urns, relative newcomers who made it in as a wild card team, made their presence felt with an impressive 4th place finish. The Nuggets aced rounds 3 and 5 to take the crown.

Johnny’s dope rapping skills made for a fairly interesting Round Four, where JGT rapped the lyrics to famous soundtrack songs, and teams had to write down the name of the artist and the soundtrack the song was heard on.( The biggest cheer of the night went out when Goodtimes announced that he would NOT be rapping while giving the answers.

Between round performances by the Tom Waits band The Drunken Pianos added to the gaiety of the evening. Many thanks to all teams who participated. Scores are listed below, with bars of each team next to them.

  1. Blazing Sea Nuggets (Black Sheep) 149
  2. Jesters of Tortuga (City Tap House) 139
  3. Duane’s World (Black Sheep) 133
  4. Boo-urns (Industry) 129
  5. Careless Fister (North Star) 127
  6. Tempura House (Sidecar) 127
  7. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics (Industry) 125
  8. Popesack (North Star) 122
  9. Synchronized Trampoline (Locust Rendezvous) 117
  10. Why Can’t Us? (Industry) 115
  11. Inkspot (North Star) 109
  12. Get Big Get B***es (Sidecar) 107
  13. Ruby Tuesday (Bards) 107
  14. Underground Bard (City Tap House) 91
  15. Sidecardigans (Sidecar) 90
  16. Always Finish 4th (North Star) 88
  17. House Band 66

Steak Em Up (Plus Jams) Take Title at City Tap

Steak Em Up, aided by Jam Master Phil, were able to knock off the competition at a packed City Tap House on Sunday night. It had all the elements of a spirited competition, with controversy, great music, and awful rap renditions of some of the greatest songs in music history. At the end of the day, Steak Em Up got the win, though you have to wonder if they could have done it without adding probably the best player on the Invitational’s 2nd winningest team during the JGTAI, the Jams.  Their attempts to create a “Supergroup” (like Asia, above) was met with resistance from the JGT corporate offices, but in the end resistance proved futile (Though Duane’s World gave them quite a run.) My only hope is that by adding JMP (not a regular member of their team) to their invitational team, they did not tarnish their proud legacy. I would just hate that. That would just be awful.

The between round bluegrass band Sour Mash was phenomenal, and I’m fairly certain the music round was the worst best music round in quizzo history. City Tap House regulars Better Than Danny’s Team and Underground Bard made names for themselves last night with impressive third place finish. And finally, we were able to raise $150 for the New Jersey Red Cross and give out over $600 worth of prizes. Here are all of the team scores from last night.

  1. Steak Em Up 149
  2. Duane’s World 141
  3. Better Than Danny’s Team 127
  4. Underground Bard 124
  5. 407 Primrose Yellow Jackets 122
  6. The Sidecardigans 117
  7. Zombea Arthur 116
  8. Look Up Look Down 115
  9. Hooter and Chuff 114
  10. Ukraine in the Membrane 104
  11. SHarktoberfest 104
  12. Mysterious Mr. Mapother 101
  13. I Drink Your Milkshake 99
  14. Interim Team Name 96
  15. Happy Birthday to the Ground 83
  16. Marie Antoinette’s Undergarments 76

JGTAI Scores Through 8 Weeks

Here they are, your JGTAI Scores through 8 weeks. Teams in Yellow are Top 10ers, and are eligible for a bonus prize. Teams in Green would also earn an invite. Teams in orange are right on the bubble and really need to get their butts out to quizzo this week, and teams in blue have some work to do this week, but still have a shot. If anybody wants to make a last minute run towards getting an invite, there is still one last week and a new physical challenge up on facebook. A good way to earn 5 big points.

Autumn Invitational Update

Here they are, the scores after Week 3. Teams in yellow would be eligible for bonus prize if season ended today, teams in Blue would still earn an invite. Teams in green still have some work to do. Football physical challenge is over, but new physical challenge will go up later, if you want to score some points and get back in the mix.

As for the Tycho Brahe Cup, which Philly will be playing for at the Autumn Invitational, the other cities we’ll be competing against are: Denver, Albuquerque, Boston, Seattle, Austin, Tucson, and Salt Lake City. We may be adding more cities in the near future. Going to talk to Detroit and New York tomorrow. I’ll keep you updated.

Big week this week, if you’re hoping to get back in the mix. After a sluggish start to September, we’ve been rocking out at North Star Bar lately. Action starts there at 7 p.m. Half off hummus and mussels, and $3 Kenzos. On to the Sidecar at 9:15 p.m., where we’ve been rocking and rolling lately. Hope to see ya tonight!