Autumn Invitational Update

Here they are, the scores after Week 3. Teams in yellow would be eligible for bonus prize if season ended today, teams in Blue would still earn an invite. Teams in green still have some work to do. Football physical challenge is over, but new physical challenge will go up later, if you want to score some points and get back in the mix.

As for the Tycho Brahe Cup, which Philly will be playing for at the Autumn Invitational, the other cities we’ll be competing against are: Denver, Albuquerque, Boston, Seattle, Austin, Tucson, and Salt Lake City. We may be adding more cities in the near future. Going to talk to Detroit and New York tomorrow. I’ll keep you updated.

Big week this week, if you’re hoping to get back in the mix. After a sluggish start to September, we’ve been rocking out at North Star Bar lately. Action starts there at 7 p.m. Half off hummus and mussels, and $3 Kenzos. On to the Sidecar at 9:15 p.m., where we’ve been rocking and rolling lately. Hope to see ya tonight!

2 thoughts on “Autumn Invitational Update

  1. Marie Antoinettes Undergarments got second at the Bards on Thursday but it’s not listed in the standings! Can you please update that? Thank you!!

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