Duane’s World Wins 5th Annual JGTAI


Duane’s World pulled off a perfect impossible round to record a 133-126 win over the #1 Government Team Competitor, with the Pogs of Tortuga finishing 3rd. It was Duane’s World’s first Autumn Invitational win, and marked the 2nd straight year that a Black Sheep team won the prestigious event (last year it was Blazing Sea Nuggets). It was a spirited matchup, with 11 teams entering the final round within two questions of the lead. The Pogs of Tortuga held the lead after 4 rounds, but missed two questions in the final round to finish in 3rd.

We learned quite a few things at this year’s invitational. We learned that William Shatner covered Pulp, that the first jukebox was installed at a bar in 1889, and that the deepest a human has dived underwater without any aid is 331 feet (here’s a short documentary on that diver, William Trubridge).

Alright, so here are last night’s scores (and each team’s home bar). And congrats to Duane’s World on their huge win.

  1. Duane’s World (Black Sheep) 133
  2. #1 Government Team Competitor (The Vous) 126
  3. Pogs of Tortuga (City Tap/Black Sheep) 125
  4. Encyclopedophiles (O’Neals) 119
  5. Ruby Tuesday (Bards) 115
  6. Boo-Urns (Industry) 114
  7. Jitney Spears (Black Sheep) 111
  8. Imaginary Pablo and the Goat (Industry) 108
  9. Satan’s MInions (Black Sheep) 102
  10. Serbian Donkey Cheese (Bards) 97
  11. The Real Chip K (Sidecar) 95
  12. Exhausted Nihilists (Industry) 93
  13. Inkspot (North Star) 93

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