JGTAI Final Scores Are Posted!


Here they are, folks! FInal scores to this year’s JGTAI. Teams in Yellow made the first team, and will get an invite and have a chance at a bonus prize. Teams in orange made the cut and will receive an invite. The two teams in red earned an automatic invite a few weeks ago. Teams in light purple are on the bubble…if teams ahead of them decline an invite, they could still get one.

The event will be next Sunday at the City Tap House at 5:30. More details are coming soon. If you have not made the cut, there is still hope. This is wild card week, and teams that win this week earn an automatic invite.

Invites will be sent out on Tuesday…if you made the cut, and are on one of the following teams, please shoot me your email so I can get you your invite (you can contact me at johnny at johnnygoodtimes.com):

Real Chip K

We’re Kind of a Mess

Serbian Donkey Cheese

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