Blazing Sea Nuggets Win Autumn Invitational


The Blazing Sea Nuggets knocked off the Jesters of Tortuga, 149-139, to take the 2013 Autumn Invitational Sunday night at the City Tap House. Duane’s World came in third, and Boo-urns, relative newcomers who made it in as a wild card team, made their presence felt with an impressive 4th place finish. The Nuggets aced rounds 3 and 5 to take the crown.

Johnny’s dope rapping skills made for a fairly interesting Round Four, where JGT rapped the lyrics to famous soundtrack songs, and teams had to write down the name of the artist and the soundtrack the song was heard on.( The biggest cheer of the night went out when Goodtimes announced that he would NOT be rapping while giving the answers.

Between round performances by the Tom Waits band The Drunken Pianos added to the gaiety of the evening. Many thanks to all teams who participated. Scores are listed below, with bars of each team next to them.

  1. Blazing Sea Nuggets (Black Sheep) 149
  2. Jesters of Tortuga (City Tap House) 139
  3. Duane’s World (Black Sheep) 133
  4. Boo-urns (Industry) 129
  5. Careless Fister (North Star) 127
  6. Tempura House (Sidecar) 127
  7. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics (Industry) 125
  8. Popesack (North Star) 122
  9. Synchronized Trampoline (Locust Rendezvous) 117
  10. Why Can’t Us? (Industry) 115
  11. Inkspot (North Star) 109
  12. Get Big Get B***es (Sidecar) 107
  13. Ruby Tuesday (Bards) 107
  14. Underground Bard (City Tap House) 91
  15. Sidecardigans (Sidecar) 90
  16. Always Finish 4th (North Star) 88
  17. House Band 66

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