Steak Em Up (Plus Jams) Take Title at City Tap

Steak Em Up, aided by Jam Master Phil, were able to knock off the competition at a packed City Tap House on Sunday night. It had all the elements of a spirited competition, with controversy, great music, and awful rap renditions of some of the greatest songs in music history. At the end of the day, Steak Em Up got the win, though you have to wonder if they could have done it without adding probably the best player on the Invitational’s 2nd winningest team during the JGTAI, the Jams. ┬áTheir attempts to create a “Supergroup” (like Asia, above) was met with resistance from the JGT corporate offices, but in the end resistance proved futile (Though Duane’s World gave them quite a run.) My only hope is that by adding JMP (not a regular member of their team) to their invitational team, they did not tarnish their proud legacy. I would just hate that. That would just be awful.

The between round bluegrass band Sour Mash was phenomenal, and I’m fairly certain the music round was the worst best music round in quizzo history. City Tap House regulars Better Than Danny’s Team and Underground Bard made names for themselves last night with impressive third place finish. And finally, we were able to raise $150 for the New Jersey Red Cross and give out over $600 worth of prizes. Here are all of the team scores from last night.

  1. Steak Em Up 149
  2. Duane’s World 141
  3. Better Than Danny’s Team 127
  4. Underground Bard 124
  5. 407 Primrose Yellow Jackets 122
  6. The Sidecardigans 117
  7. Zombea Arthur 116
  8. Look Up Look Down 115
  9. Hooter and Chuff 114
  10. Ukraine in the Membrane 104
  11. SHarktoberfest 104
  12. Mysterious Mr. Mapother 101
  13. I Drink Your Milkshake 99
  14. Interim Team Name 96
  15. Happy Birthday to the Ground 83
  16. Marie Antoinette’s Undergarments 76

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