JGTAI Scores With Less Than a Week To Go!


Well here we go. Our scores with less than a week left to play (these do not include last night at Sidecar).  7 quizzes left to earn yourself an invite. If you’re in the blue, you need to get your team together this week and make it happen. As of right now, some illustrious teams such as Popesack, Encyclopedophiles, and #1 Government Team Competitor are on the outside looking in. It’s also worth noting that the staff team at Industry, with that win last week, is within striking distance of an upset appearance.

So, in addition to quizzes this week, you can also earn points on facebook. Just post a picture of yourself in the midst of some fall foliage. You can also earn your team an extra 5 points by leaving a positive review on itunes for our podcast (the more reviews we get, the better our search results.) Just shoot me a line and let me know that the reviewer was you when you’re done.

And of course you can earn points by finishing first, second or third this week. Your best bet to score a win? Probably Industry, though City Tap House is also up for grabs plenty of times.

Then there is the last gasp effort, which is wild card week next week. Any team that finishes first earns an automatic invite. But if you don’t want to leave it to chance, I would get some physical challenges done and get your team out to quizzo this week. The Big Event takes place on November 22nd at the City Tap House and will feature live music from the John Train band (who are awesome).

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