Autumn Invitational Update

Here are the scores after Week 1. This does not take into account Monday or Tuesday of this week, or the physical challenges.

This Invite is gonna be a good one. It’s going to be in November at City Tap House in November 18th. In addition to our normal frivolity, we’re also going to be defending Philly’s honor…we’re going to be going head to head with several other cities in the first ever Tycho Brahe Cup. We’re gonna honor one of the most eccentric nerds in world history with a trophy that will be awarded to the top city. More details on the event soon, but just know this…you won’t just be playing this season for your team’s honor, but for the city’s honor. And to do so, you must earn an invite.If you’re looking to score some points and get in the mix, head on over to the facebook page for the latest physical challenge.

Steak Em Up Won the JGTAI, So Let’s Focus on Their Collapse Last Tuesday

Yeah, so Steak Em Up was unstoppable at the JGTAI and answered every question in the final two rounds correctly yadda, yadda, yadda. Oh sure, the band was phenomenal and City Tap House hooked us up with some great specials, but let’s face it, Steak Em Up winning another quizzo event is hardly sexy enough to garner any impassioned rhetoric. ┬áBut Steak Em Up collapsing is. So┬ábefore I post everybody’s scores from Sunday below, let’s revisit the worst part of the Steak’s week, when they collapsed last Tuesday.

They went into the final round at City Tap House Tuesday night up 15, and I was convinced that the only drama was going to surround who finished 2nd. They had missed one question all night, and sure enough they got the first 6 right in round 4. And then the meltdown began. They missed a question on where the calcaneus bone is located. Then they missed one on the NFL’s leading rusher. It became obvious that metallurgy wasn’t a strong suit for the Steak (note to self: remember to write a lot of metallurgy questions at Quizzo Bowl), nor was Chad Vader. And while they were collapsing on the final four questions, the Slutty Muggles were coming on strong. When the dust settled, the Muggles had pulled off a shocking 104-99 victory, and all the world rejoiced. The world would of course be silenced on Sunday, as the damn Steak won again.

In all seriousness, though, thank you to each and every person who came out on Sunday. We had a great time, got to listen to some great music, and got to try a few of the City Tap House’s dozens of excellent beers. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I look forward to doing it again soon. The next invite will be in the Spring (The Quizzo Bowl is sort of the de facto Winter Invite) but we’ll have some more fun events going on this winter. Details on some of them coming soon. Scores from Sunday are listed below.

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Final JGTAI Scores

Here they are, the scores at the end of the JGTAI. Teams in yellow are the teams that made the cut. There are always a few teams who decline the honor, so teams in blue are almost certainly going to get an invite, but not until I have gotten declined invites. Now, if your team did not make the cut and you still want to participate in Sunday’s event, there is still hope. It is now wild card week. Any team finishing first or 2nd will earn an automatic invite to Sunday’s event. Live music and great drink and food specials, and big prizes for the winners. Your best chance to finish first or 2nd? Definitely North Star tonight. After that, your best bet to get a win would be O’Neals, City Tap House, or Ugly American. Gonna be a fun event. More details coming this afternoon to teams who made the cut.

JGTAI Scoreboard Is Up! Finally!

Yes, I have been a complete and total slacker for the past few weeks. But here it is, the updated scoreboard with one regular season week and a wild card week separating us from the Autumn Invitational on November 20th. Now, some teams have had a few name changes, so if I have counted you as two different teams just let me know and I’ll fix it. Next chance to earn points? Tonight at North Star bar. No clear cut favorites there. A great way to get your team in the mix. Film and television quiz. Action starts at 7 p.m.

JGTAI Scores After 4 Weeks

Here are our JGTAI scores after 4 weeks. The Top 15 are posted below. Here’s the deal: you’ve got 4 more weeks to get your team in gear. If you’re joining us late, never to fear. You’ve got plenty of time to get into the mix. You can start by scoring some points in our new physical challenge. You can earn up to 8 points this week and put your team righ tin the mix, even if you haven’t played yet. You can get your team into the top 3 this week at quizzo (most winnable spots right now? Probably O’Neals or Ugly American). Or you can win one of the upcoming special events quizzes, which are worth double points. I’ll keep you updated on when the next one of those is going down. Hope to see ya this week!

  1. Mysterious Mr. Mapother 28
  2. Madame Butterface 26
  3. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics 23
  4. Steak Em Up 22
  5. Popesack 13
  6. Million Dollar Robot Baby 13
  7. Inglorious Barristers 13
  8. What’s Good for the Puma 12
  9. Specific Jawns 12
  10. Duane’s World 12
  11. Champs 12
  12. Philliez Nuts 11
  13. Jiff and the Choosy Mothers 11
  14. Jams 11
  15. Toots and the martells 10

Autumn Invite Scores Heading Into Week 3

Here they are, the scores after 2 weeks of the JGTAI. Keep in mind, it is still early, so even if you haven’t scored yet, there is plenty of time to catch up. Furthermore, there will be several opportunities to score bonus points. There is a Science quiz this Sunday at City Tap House where you can score double points, and a David Lynch/Twin Peaks quiz at POPE on October 16th. There are more special quizzes on the way as well. And finally, there is a brand new physical challenge on the facebook page (If you’re not on facebook and would like to email your pics, the challenge is as follows: I want a picture of you at any ballpark OTHER than Citizen’s Bank. It can be a pro park, Little League park, whatever. One point per pic, up to 6 points per team. Email photos to

It’s gonna be a great fall.

2nd Annual JGT Autumn Invitational Starts This Week!

Hard to believe, but it’s that time again! Time to start earning points in the 2nd Annual Johnny Goodtimes Autumn Invitational. Immortality is there for the taking, as the Specific Jawns found out last month at the Summer Invite. They went from being a little known team that played occasionally at the Bards to being International Megastars. Since their win last month, they’ve been feted at numerous international hot spots, being treated like royalty in such exotic locales as Khartoum, Juarez, and even Edmonton.

Speaking of International, we kick off the Autumn Invitational with International Week. All questions this week will come from outside the United States (Unless there’s a question about the International House of Pancakes). Foreign foods, foreign stars, and foreign history will be on tap this week, starting on Tuesday night.

As for the JGTAI, it will operate the same as lthe SUmmer Invite. 8 weeks, with a wild card week at the end. Our big event will take place on Sunday, November 20th. If you’ve got any suggestions for venue and/or band, feel free to let me know and I’ll take it into consideration. I plan to have both booked in the next 2 weeks. Oh, and the first facebook challenge is posted. Get crackin’ and get your team on the scoreboard.

Previous Invitational Winners

Summer 2010Steak Em Up

Autumn 2010Exhausted Nihilists

Spring 2011Steak Em Up

Summer 2011Specific Jawns