Autumn Invite Scores Heading Into Week 3

Here they are, the scores after 2 weeks of the JGTAI. Keep in mind, it is still early, so even if you haven’t scored yet, there is plenty of time to catch up. Furthermore, there will be several opportunities to score bonus points. There is a Science quiz this Sunday at City Tap House where you can score double points, and a David Lynch/Twin Peaks quiz at POPE on October 16th. There are more special quizzes on the way as well. And finally, there is a brand new physical challenge on the facebook page (If you’re not on facebook and would like to email your pics, the challenge is as follows: I want a picture of you at any ballpark OTHER than Citizen’s Bank. It can be a pro park, Little League park, whatever. One point per pic, up to 6 points per team. Email photos to

It’s gonna be a great fall.

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