A Few Changes on Quizzo Schedule for This Week

Needless to say, we are tweaking this week’s schedule around a bit with the Phils. The schedule is as follows for this week:


  • O’Neals 8 p.m. or nearabout. As soon as the Phils game is over, we will begin the quiz, but not before.
  • City Tap House 10:15 p.m. As scheduled


  • Black Sheep 9 p.m. roughly. As soon as the Phils game ends, we will start the quiz at Black Sheep.


  • Locust Rendezvous 6 p.m. Believe it or not, I am planning to start the Vous quiz on time this week, as we have a Thursday tripleheader.
  • Ugly American 8 p.m. As scheduled
  • Bards 10:15 p.m. As scheduled


  • City Tap House 6 p.m. Science Quiz. This one could be changed, depending on what the Phillies do and if they make the NLCS, what time they will play that day. We’ll keep you updated.

There will be two quizzes this week as part of our overrated/underrated week. I think I got enough material from you guys last week to do two. There will be One quiz for Tuesday-Wednesday, and one for Thursday. So if you play Tuesday or Wednesday, you can come back and play at any of the quizzes Thursday. Hope to see you this week, and Go Phils!

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