2nd Annual JGT Autumn Invitational Starts This Week!

Hard to believe, but it’s that time again! Time to start earning points in the 2nd Annual Johnny Goodtimes Autumn Invitational. Immortality is there for the taking, as the Specific Jawns found out last month at the Summer Invite. They went from being a little known team that played occasionally at the Bards to being International Megastars. Since their win last month, they’ve been feted at numerous international hot spots, being treated like royalty in such exotic locales as Khartoum, Juarez, and even Edmonton.

Speaking of International, we kick off the Autumn Invitational with International Week. All questions this week will come from outside the United States (Unless there’s a question about the International House of Pancakes). Foreign foods, foreign stars, and foreign history will be on tap this week, starting on Tuesday night.

As for the JGTAI, it will operate the same as lthe SUmmer Invite. 8 weeks, with a wild card week at the end. Our big event will take place on Sunday, November 20th. If you’ve got any suggestions for venue and/or band, feel free to let me know and I’ll take it into consideration. I plan to have both booked in the next 2 weeks. Oh, and the first facebook challenge is posted. Get crackin’ and get your team on the scoreboard.

Previous Invitational Winners

Summer 2010Steak Em Up

Autumn 2010Exhausted Nihilists

Spring 2011Steak Em Up

Summer 2011Specific Jawns

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