Specific Jawns Pull Off Shocker at JGTSI

As my old hometown paper used to say, “A fine time was had by all.” Well, except perhaps for Steak Em up, who, after beating the Specific Jawns by 34 points on Thursday night, lost to them by 2 on Sunday night at the JGTSI. The quiz, which was also played in 6 other cities in across the US, and had Philly taking on those cities, was done in Denver style. That way, if Philly won, there could be no excuses from those Mile High morons who have quickly become our fiercest nerd rivals in the US. Final scores from other cities are coming soon. The Denver style quiz (which is a little heavier on pop culture and a little lighter on sports than mine) seemed to work out just fine for the Jawns, who played almost every week of the JGTSI without ¬†getting a single win. But they brought their A-game on Sunday night, and when the dust settled, had a shocking 82-80 shutout of Steak Em Up. In addition to the questions, there was also a terrific performance from the Terrence Brown trio, and National Mechanics was a terrific venue for the event. I definitely want to do another event there soon. All of the scores are after the jump.

  1. The Specific Jawns 82
  2. Steak Em Up 80
  3. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics 78
  4. Million Dollar Robot Baby 77
  5. The Champs 73
  6. Look Up, Look Down, I’m on a Horse 73
  7. Ruby Sunday’s 73
  8. Mysterious Mr. mapother 71
  9. Mister Lippers 70
  10. Taint Jesters 67
  11. Brain Delay 65
  12. Brown Betty 63
  13. Duane’s World 60

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