JGTSI Scores Are Posted!


You thought they were never gonna be posted. You can admit it. You thought I was just gonna wing it and invite 16 random teams. But no! I finally sat down and added up the scores, and here they are with one week left in the tourney.

A few things to note: I know a couple of teams change their names. You’ll need to contact me and let me know. Also, there is a new Facebook challenge, so if you’re looking to earn a spot at the Invitational, it’s a great way to earn some quick points.

The Big Event will be at Alla Spina on August 21st at Alla Spina, with live music between rounds. More details on that soon.

Final Scores at the JGTSI


Here were the final scores on Sunday at the JGTSI, held at the Urban Saloon. Terrific job by the Ronnie Band between rounds, and great hospitality by the Saloon gang. And in the end, the winners and losers were decided by a Creed song. It turns out that Kristy on the Jesters had the AOL handle of Creedrocksgirl back in the day (true story), which is how they got the question right (Duane’s World missed it) and ultimately won the game.

Also, a big shout out to There’s No I in Quizzo, who after a last place finish at the Spring Invitational, pulled themselves up by the bootstraps and ran with the big dogs at this summer’s event, finishing tied for 3rd.

  1. Jesters of Tortuga 144
  2. Duane’s World 141
  3. CGA 137
  4. There’s No I in Quizzo 137  
  5. Careless Fister 136
  6. Jitney Spears 124
  7. Swiss Navy 124
  8. From Parts Unknown 123
  9. Synchronized Trampoline 123
  10. Game Blouses 123
  11. Invisible Pablo and the Goat 113
  12. Beach Metal 112
  13. In the Lead 90


The Deal for Sunday’s Big Event


WHO: The teams who qualified for the 6th Annual JGTSI, the Ronnie Band, and I think my mom is also going to be there.

WHAT: The 6th Annual JGTSI Invitational.

WHEN: Sunday, August 16th at 5:30 p.m.

WHERE: Urban Saloon. 21st and Fairmount.

WHY: Why not?

WHAT’S THE DEAL? Teams have been duking it out for the past several months to earn a place at the table. And now they will do battle at the Urban Saloon to determine an ultimate Champion of Summer. 50 questions of trivia, live music between rounds, and $3 beers. Doesn’t get much better than that.

WAIT, YOU SAID THE 5TH ONE EARLIER, NOW YOU’RE SAYING THE 6TH ONE. WHAT’S THE DEAL? Wow, just realized we’ve been doing this craziness since 2010. Here are our previous winners:

2010: Steak Em Up

2011: Specific Jawns

2012: Popesack

2013: Popesack

2014: You Gotta Hand It to Blind Prostitutes

DID YOU SAY THERE WAS A BAND? Yep. there is a band, the Ronnie Band, who will be performing between rounds. You can listen to them here. They sound terrific. Gonna be a good show.

IS THERE A COVER? Yep. $10 a pop.

WHAT KIND OF PRIZES WE TALKING HERE? $200 worth of prizes for first, $100 for 2nd, and $50 for 3rd.

CAN I STILL EARN AN INVITE? Only with a win tonight. The good news is, boht venues are very winnable. Industry at 6:30 and Bards at 9:15.

SO WHO ALL IS GONNA BE AT THIS LITTLE SHINDIG? Here are the teams that have RSVPd “Yes” so far.

Jesters of Tortuga

Jitney Spears

Jesters of Tortuga


Swiss Navy

Synchronized Trampoline


There’s No I in Quizzo

In the Lead

From Parts Unknown

Game Blouses

Imaginary Pablo

Still Waiting to Hear From:

Savage Ear

Hooter and Chuff

LeBoff’s Moving In

Bleeding From…Wherever

Fruit of Your Choosing.

If you want to RSVP, just shoot me a line at johnny at johnnygoodtimes. com.

Gonna be a lot of fun on Sunday. Look forward to seeing you guys there!

JGTSI Scores and New Physical Challenge


Here are your JGTSI V scores after two weeks (these do NOT include this week’s results). The bonus points are for teams who had members come out for our Grand Opening at Shibe (if you made it out to one of the events and I didn’t include you, just let me know.) I’ve just posted a new physical challenge over on the JGT Quizzo facebook page. It’s an easy way for your team to score extra points. As for the Invitational itself, it will be on Sunday, August 24th at Field House. And still time to earn points at this week’s quizzes.

Summer Invitational Scores Through 5 1/2 Weeks

Here ya go. These include action earlier this week. Teams in yellow are in line for bonus prize. Teams in red would be in if the season ended today, and teams in green are on the bubble. But keep in mind that it’s an all new quiz in the 2nd half of the week, so if you need some points, then you are welcome to play again this week. Also, I have just posted the first physical challenge of the season on facebook. So if you’re on the bubble, or want to get your team into the mix, you can quickly earn yourselves up to 5 points.

Summer Invitational Scores Through 4 Weeks

Here ya go, our scores at the midway point. Teams in Yellow would be up for a bonus prize if the season ended today, teams in Red would also make the cut, and teams in Blue have some work to do. If you are hoping to earn an invite and want to earn some points, I’ll make this simple for you…The Industry is BY FAR the bar to go to if you want to earn a win. And it’s not really even close.

JGTSI Scores With One Week to Go

Here ya go. Scores through 6 weeks. We’re gonna have a wild card week after that. So if you want to play on August 12th, you better make it happen soon. The good news is, even if you haven’t scored yet, is that you’ve got a real shot to get right in the mix. There is a brand new physical challenge on Facebook. There are still some very winnable quizzes out there (Ugly American comes to mind). Get the “A-squad” out next week so you can get on the invite list.

Philly Proves Its Mental Supremacy Yet Again.

Last year, Travel and Leisure listed their Top 20 smartest cities in America. DC was #1. Austin was #5. Denver was #8. Nashville was #15. Dallas was #25. Philadelphia was #31. Well, the next time you run into someone who writes for Travel and Leisure magazine, do me a favor and invite them to take said mag and shove it directly up their ass. Because last night, instead of just taking  random polls as to which cities are smartest, we took it to the test. And for the 3rd consecutive time, Philly came out on top. And while the first two quizzes were played using Philly rules, this time we did everything the way they do it in those other 6 cities. We gave them home field advantage, we asked their questions and played by their rules. And we still came out on top. So next time someone tells you about some meaningless poll where they rank us below all of these other cities, ask them what criteria they use. Because when it is determined objectively, Philly is smarter than any other city in America. Time and time again.

But yeah, Travel and Leisure, good job with those “polls’. They’re also a great way to determine intelligence, I’m sure. Maybe this year you can throw darts at city names to determine rankings! But while you’re drawing names out of a hat, we’ll be kicking ass.

The real beauty of winning this event? Denver now has to present us with the Cup, which we get to name. So start thinking about what we should name this Cup, as it will retain this name in perpetuity.

And if any other nerds in any other city are reading this and want a piece, give us a time and date. We’ll be there. With bells on our feet and shanks in our pockets.

Here’s the final scores. (And yes, Dallas is just as dumb as we thought they were. To be fair, though, judging by their scores I assume that half of the teams in Dallas didn’t get to play because they couldn’t figure out how the front door to the bar worked.)

Scores determined by averaging scores of the Top 5 finishers in each city. The same quiz was asked last night in 7 different cities, including Philadelphia.

  1. PHILADELPHIA. AVG. 78; High Score 82
  2. DENVER. AVG 76; High Score 82
  3. AUSTIN. AVG. 71; High Score 82
  4. ALBUQUERQUE. AVG. 69; High Score 77
  5. ALEXANDRIA (Aka DC). AVG. 60; High Score 69
  6. NASHVILLE. AVG. 51; High Score 66
  7. DALLAS. AVG. 45; High Score 58

Specific Jawns Pull Off Shocker at JGTSI

As my old hometown paper used to say, “A fine time was had by all.” Well, except perhaps for Steak Em up, who, after beating the Specific Jawns by 34 points on Thursday night, lost to them by 2 on Sunday night at the JGTSI. The quiz, which was also played in 6 other cities in across the US, and had Philly taking on those cities, was done in Denver style. That way, if Philly won, there could be no excuses from those Mile High morons who have quickly become our fiercest nerd rivals in the US. Final scores from other cities are coming soon. The Denver style quiz (which is a little heavier on pop culture and a little lighter on sports than mine) seemed to work out just fine for the Jawns, who played almost every week of the JGTSI without  getting a single win. But they brought their A-game on Sunday night, and when the dust settled, had a shocking 82-80 shutout of Steak Em Up. In addition to the questions, there was also a terrific performance from the Terrence Brown trio, and National Mechanics was a terrific venue for the event. I definitely want to do another event there soon. All of the scores are after the jump.

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