Philadelphia Is Smarter Than Your City. Deal With It, America.

Philly took home the gold on Monday night at the Urban Saloon, proving once again that while clueless tourists may think we’re dumb when they fill out useless polls, there is still not a single city out there that can hang with us in IQ when it is fairly measured. The Sofa Kingdom led the way, taking home the win with a 119. A team from Seattle, Marguaret Thatcher is the Dairy Queen, took home the silver with a 117. The story of the night in Philly, however, was the play of 3rd place overall (2nd place in Philly), Ron Paul UFO (below, right), who had no reason to hang their heads after finishing with a 115. Consisting of D-Mac, Smackdown, Trivia Art, Monie Love, and Fidge, this five person team gave the 8 person Kingdom (who had added Kenny and Renee from the Hurtin Bombs and Parsa from Omelette to an already star-studded lineup) all they could handle before falling by a single question. Overall, the city of Philly stood head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd. To determine city winners, we took the top five scores from each city and averaged them. The results were interesting, considering that in that recent Travel and Leisure poll, Seattle was supposedly the smartest city in the nation, Denver was 10th, and we were 14th. But what’s actual head to head competition when you have couples in matching pleated jean shorts and aloha shirts judging how smart you are while looking at the Liberty Bell? Here were the results:

  1. PHILLY 109
  2. SEATTLE 99
  4. DENVER 77

After the jump, the top 20 teams overall. No head count on teams, but between us and Seattle there were over 50, so I suspect there were about 100 total.

  1. Sofa Kingdom-Philadelphia- 119
  2. Marguaret Thatcher is a Dairy Queen-Seattle- 117
  3. Ron Paul UFO-Philadelphia- 115
  4. MC=MR-Seattle- 111
  5. Captain TIghtpants-Albuquerque-108
  6. Satan’s Minions-Philadelphia-106
  7. The Champs-Philadelphia-104
  8. Dork Sided-Philadelphia-103
  9. FRAGMA-Philadelphia- 100
  10. I am Curious (George)-Denver-98
  11. Blood Hurricanes-Seattle-98
  12. The Vous-Tang Clan-Philadelphia- 98
  13. Igneous Is Bliss-Albuquerque-98
  14. Mazel Tov Cocktail-ALbuquerque-93
  15. Irish Pub Scouts-Colorado Springs-92
  16. 101 Dalmations is Vick’s Favorite Movie-Seattle-89
  17. Sidewalk’s For Regular Walking-Philadelphia-87
  18. Occam’s Razor Wire-Albuquerque-87
  19. Philly Softcore-Philadelphia-85
  20. Wilson’s Wunderkammen-Seattle-82

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