Final Scores at the JGTSI


Here were the final scores on Sunday at the JGTSI, held at the Urban Saloon. Terrific job by the Ronnie Band between rounds, and great hospitality by the Saloon gang. And in the end, the winners and losers were decided by a Creed song. It turns out that Kristy on the Jesters had the AOL handle of Creedrocksgirl back in the day (true story), which is how they got the question right (Duane’s World missed it) and ultimately won the game.

Also, a big shout out to There’s No I in Quizzo, who after a last place finish at the Spring Invitational, pulled themselves up by the bootstraps and ran with the big dogs at this summer’s event, finishing tied for 3rd.

  1. Jesters of Tortuga 144
  2. Duane’s World 141
  3. CGA 137
  4. There’s No I in Quizzo 137  
  5. Careless Fister 136
  6. Jitney Spears 124
  7. Swiss Navy 124
  8. From Parts Unknown 123
  9. Synchronized Trampoline 123
  10. Game Blouses 123
  11. Invisible Pablo and the Goat 113
  12. Beach Metal 112
  13. In the Lead 90


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