Autumn Invitational Update

Here are the scores after Week 1. This does not take into account Monday or Tuesday of this week, or the physical challenges.

This Invite is gonna be a good one. It’s going to be in November at City Tap House in November 18th. In addition to our normal frivolity, we’re also going to be defending Philly’s honor…we’re going to be going head to head with several other cities in the first ever Tycho Brahe Cup. We’re gonna honor one of the most eccentric nerds in world history with a trophy that will be awarded to the top city. More details on the event soon, but just know this…you won’t just be playing this season for your team’s honor, but for the city’s honor. And to do so, you must earn an invite.If you’re looking to score some points and get in the mix, head on over to the facebook page for the latest physical challenge.

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