Spring Invitational to Be Outdoors on May 20th, Featuring Kenn Kweder

That’s right, folks, we’re going to enjoy between round entertainment from one of the all time legends in Philadelphia music history, Kenn Kweder. If you’ve never heard the Bard of South Street play, you’re in for a treat. An incredible songwriter with an amazing stage presence, he’s a veritable hero in my eyes. Staying relevant for 40 years in Philadelphia as an entertainer? It’s called badass, folks, and in our Flavor of the Month culture, it’s damn rare. But forget the politics. This guy can flat out rock, and that’s what he’s going to be doing at the Spring Invitational.

As for the quiz itself, it will be kicking off at the City Tap House on May 20th at 5 p.m. Our goal is to host it outdoors on the patio. Yep, live music, great food and drink specials, and a quiz to boot. Needless to say, it’s weather permitting, but even if it decides to rain we’ll just move indoors and rock out there. Top 18 teams get an invite, then we’ll have wild card week the final week to see if any teams can finish in the top 2 to earn an invite. You’re going to want to make the cut. This is gonna be a hell of a show.

Springvitational Scores are Posted!

We’ve now played 6 weeks of the Springvitational, and here are our latest scores (this does not include last night’s scores). Teams in yellow would be eligible for the “bonus prize”. Teams in green would make the cut, and teams in blue still have some work to do. But good news: there are lots of bonus points to be earned this week. Our first physical challenge has been posted on facebook, and the event this Sunday at Trestle Inn will feature double points.

JGTSI Scores After 3 Weeks

Here they are. Things are getting interesting, especially now that we’ve added bonus points according to quizzo scores (1 point for a 90 or higher, 2 points for 100 or higher). One more week of all points coming from quizzo and then we’ll start offering up some physical challenges. Still plenty of time to get in on this if you haven’t scored already. But I would definitely play soon (Specific Jawns, I’m looking at you.) Guest host week is next week. Koob and Kristy on Monday-Tuesday, and Mike Minion on Wednesday-Thursday. I’m off to New Orleans for a week. Woo-hoo! I’ll be updating some of my adventures online (much to my wife’s dismay) but I’m gonna stay offline as much as possible. The schedule is on the right side of the screen. Have fun this week.

Springvitational Scores Posted

We’re one week into the JGT Spring-vitational. Here are the scores after week 1 (they do not include last night’s results.) The Top 15 teams will earn an invite to the Spring-vitational, being held in May. More details forthcoming. Physical challenges will start next week. Oh, and there’s an added wrinkle…all teams scoring over 90-99 points from now on will earn a bonus point, while all teams scoring 100 or higher will earn 2 (retroactive to last night).

Steak Em Up Wins JGTSpI

Steak Em Up trailed heading into the final round of the JGTSpI on Sunday, but turned it on in the final round, and knocked off Autumn Invitational champions the Exhausted Nihilists 123-109. The match was complete with a flower round and a live music round, as Steve-O not only played between rounds but did an 11 song round about the sun (Seasons in the Sun, Cheap Sunglasses, etc.). Percy Street BBQ was a great venue and the food was spectacular as always. Special thanks to each and everyone came out. We’ll kick off the Summer Invitational after Memorial Day.

Final Scores are Up for JGTSpI

Here they are, the final scores for the JGTSpI. If your team is in yellow, then you are in the running for the bonus prize. If you are in yellow or green, then you made the cut, and can your shot at the hundreds of dollars worth of prizes. If you haven’t already, please contact me and let me know if you are playing (johnny@johnnygoodtimes.com). I need to put the numbers together for Percy Street.

We’re gonna have a lot of fun on Sunday. $3 Sly Fox and $3 Hillbilly Gatorade, and their BBQ is absolutely incredible. And not only is city council candidate/piano man Steve-O going to be playing piano between rounds, but there’s going to be a raffle to put the 3 time Quizzo Bowl winner on one of our teams. Congrats to the teams who made the cut, and look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

UPDATED: I forgot to mention that if small teams (1-3 people) who played over the past 8 weeks want to play, I can probably put you on a team. Just let me know.

Scores Heading Into Final Week of JGTSpI

Here they are. Our scores with one week left to go. Things are getting tight. Only 20 teams will earn an invite to Percy’s BBQ on Sunday at 1 p.m. Teams in yellow have lined up invites and if the season ended today would be fighting for the $75 Bonus Gift Certificate. Teams in green would earn an invite (there are a few more than 20, b/c I know some teams will combine forces and others will not be able to make it.) There are a few teams that have played under various names. If you want to play on Sunday, you must let me know what your team names were so I can combine your points! I will have actual invitations to hand out this week (on gold paper!)

Again, the event is this Sunday at Percy St. BBQ. If you’ve not tried their BBQ yet, you are in for a treat. It is awesome (and this is coming from a guy who is from BBQ country), which was a major reason why I asked them if we could hold the event there. Steve-O is going to entertain between rounds, and there will be great drink and food specials, as well as great prizes for the top finishers. Teams in the Top 10 after the season will be eligible for a bonus prize, and total of prizes will be worth over $500. This is gonna be a hoot. If you just need a few more points to get over the hump, there is one last physical challenge on facebook that can earn you up to 5 points. Hope to see ya there!

Steve-O to Perform Between Rounds at JGTSpI

Steve Odabashian will be the between round guest at the JGT Spring Invitational. Now, this is exciting not only because Steve-O is both a great piano player and a highly entertaining guy, but because he’s also one of the best players on the quizzo circuit…and he might end up on your team. Details coming soon. Regardless, be ready to sing along to some Monster Ballads, because it’s gonna be that type of party (and yes, he will be taking requests). Gonna be a lot of fun. Get your team out this week to earn an invite!

Spring Invitational Scores After 5 Weeks

Here they are, the scores after 5 weeks. In case you missed it the other day, we’re gonna be hosting the Spring Invitational at the Percy Street BBQ, which has amazing food, on May 1st at 1 p.m. If you want to earn an invite, some of you are gonna need to get cracking. Teams in yellow are eligible for the $100 Bonus Prize. Teams in Green would be a lock if the Invite ended today. Teams in purple should probably think about doing a physical challenge or two over the next 3 weeks to be on the safe side. And teams in blue need to really get their butts in gear. There is a new physical challenge posted, and it’s pretty daggone simple. No excuse not to get a few points that way if you’re hoping to attend. Hope to see ya this week…and yes, quizzos at the Kimmel Center later this week will count towards your scores.