JGTSI Scores After 3 Weeks

Here they are. Things are getting interesting, especially now that we’ve added bonus points according to quizzo scores (1 point for a 90 or higher, 2 points for 100 or higher). One more week of all points coming from quizzo and then we’ll start offering up some physical challenges. Still plenty of time to get in on this if you haven’t scored already. But I would definitely play soon (Specific Jawns, I’m looking at you.) Guest host week is next week. Koob and Kristy on Monday-Tuesday, and Mike Minion on Wednesday-Thursday. I’m off to New Orleans for a week. Woo-hoo! I’ll be updating some of my adventures online (much to my wife’s dismay) but I’m gonna stay offline as much as possible. The schedule is on the right side of the screen. Have fun this week.

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