JGTSpI Scores and JGTSpI Important Update!



Ok, so here are the scores to the JGTSpI after 7 weeks. Teams in yellow would make the cut if the season ended today and teams in blue would not. Still a lot of time left. And there’s a new Facebook challenge, which is a great way for your team to score points.

Time to admit that I’m a dum-dum. Ok, so I was saying May 24th at the Tap House previously. Probably shoulda looked at the calendar. That’s Memorial Day Weekend. No-one will be around. Unfortunately, City Tap is booked for the 17th and the 31st, so we’ll have to move elsewhere. Working on a venue and a band now, and I’ve got a cool combo in mind. Hope to have the date (either the 17th or 31st), the venue, and the lineup finalized in the next day or two, so stay tuned.

First JGT Spring Invite Scores!


Here ya go, our scores after two weeks! Inkspot, the Missing Heads, and the Standup Strumpets are tied for the lead after two weeks, with Duane’s World and ISIS ISIS Baby right on their heels. The top 16 finishers were earn an invite to the Spring Invitational, which will be held in May. Details coming soon.

In the meantime, you can now earn points via photo challenge. A new one has just been posted on the JGT Facebook page.

JGTSpI Scores After Four Weeks


Here are our scores after 4 weeks. Inkspot has a big lead, as they’ve been active on twitter and with physical challenges. Teams in yellow would earn an invite if the season ended today, and teams in blue would still have some work to do. But the season doesn’t end today…it’s a ten week season, so there’s plenty of time if you need to earn points.

Aq uick way to earn your team points: write about attending quizzo on twitter. Anybody on your team who does that earns their team a point for the week (be sure to include @johnnygoodtimes in the tweet so I can see that you wrote it.) And it has to say something. You can’t just post your team name

And this week will be Double Points Week on Wednesday. So a big week for teams at the Vous and Black Sheep. Easiest places to get a win? Hard to call any of them easiest anymore, but the most parity seems to exist at North Star, Sidecar, O’Neals, and Industry, so those are probably your best bets.

Furthermore, I posted a week or two ago that teams could earn points by posting pictures of themselves photobombing someone on the quizzo facebook page…nobody has taken advantage of that one yet. It’s still available for one more week.

And this week is Down  Home Country Week…anyone wearing cowboy boots, camouflage, a large belt buckle, or a straw hat earns their team a point.

Duane’s World Wins 3rd Annual JGTSpI

Duane’s World are the Susan Lucci’s of quizzo no longer. A perennial favorite, they had yet to win a big event, and were coming off a disappointing 10th place finish at Quizzo Bowl. All that changed on Sunday. Like Lucci with her Emmy in 1999, they finally got over the hump. And not only did they win it, they won it decisively by a 12-point margin over the Jesters of Tortuga. The Jams finished 3rd. Underground Bard cruised through the first 4 rounds, holding the lead after rounds 3 and 4, but fell to pieces in the Impossible Round. You hate to see that happen to a team like them, especially on their home floor. I’m not sure they’ll ever recover.

It was a strange quiz, as the 2nd round, a picture round of celebrities in cap and gowns, proved to be the hardest round, and the music round was one of the easiest we’ve done in a while. That said, Ali Wadsworth and Joe did terrific renditions of the songs, so that helped make them easier as well. Incredibly, the 2nd place team at Quizzo Bowl, Sidecardigans, finished last (but did win a handy ice scraper). All of the Final scores are posted below.

I had a great time, City Tap House took good care of us with some great drink specials and prizes, and Anthrax Ames had yet another chance to complain about how ageist the questions were. So everybody wins. Especially Duane’s World. We’ll kick off the JGT Summer Invite in June.

  1. Duane’s World 149
  2. Jesters of Tortuga 137
  3. The Jams (Trickle Down Dickonomics) 129
  4. Exhausted Nihilists 124
  5. Tempura House 120
  6. Better late Than Pregnant 120
  7. Why Can’t Sea Nuggets 120
  8. Underground Bard 117
  9. Always Finish 4th 117
  10. But Mr. Mapother Thinks I’m Cool 111
  11. Step Up 4: Military Junta 111
  12. I Woke Up and It Smelled Like Vaseline 108
  13. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics 102
  14. Inkspot 102
  15. Madame Butterface 94
  16. Sidecardigans 93

JGTSpI Scores Through 5 Weeks

Here they are, the JGTSpI scores through 5 weeks. Teams in the yellow are in good shape for right now, and if the season ended today would be in line for a bonus prize which I will probably forget to give away until right after the Invitational is over that will be given away at the Invitational. Teams in green would earn an invite if the season ended today. Teams in the blue still have some work to do. Some of our bigger names on the outside looking in: last year’s JGTSpI champs Popesack, perennial O’Neals powerhouse Savage Ear, and former JGTAI champs Specific Jawns.

The good news is that there are still 4 more weeks (plus a wild card week) to get your ass in gear. Wanna earn points quick? There is a new physical challenge posted for starters. Want to earn points the old fashioned way? Best spots to get a top 3 finish right now are North Star, O’Neals, and Industry. Hands down. As for the event itself, we’re gonna be doing it outdoors (weather permitting) at City Tap House on May 19th. Working on getting a  band now (and feel free to shoot me suggestions for band).

JGTSpI Standings After Two Weeks

JGTSpI scores are now posted. We’re only two weeks in, so as you can see you’re only a 2nd place finish out of being in the mix even if you haven’t played yet. Gonna be plenty more chances to get your act in gear over the coming few months. For one thing, I’ve finally posted the first physical challenge on facebook…a picture of you in the snow.

For those of you who are new to Invitationals, here is how it works: the 18 teams with the highest scores after 8 weeks will earn an invite to the Invitational. Teams get 5 points for first, 3 for 2nd, and 1 for 3rd. They can also earn points with physical challenges on facebook. Then we’ll have a wild card week where teams who finish in the top 2 at any bar earn a wild card invite. So get your squad together and start earning some points…right now your best shot for a win is probably at  Industry.

Spring Invitational Begins Today

Well, the youngsters were off for Spring Break last week, so I suppose it’s time to get the next season in gear. Yep, it’s time for the 3rd annual JGT Spring Invitational. The new season starts tonight at 7 p.m. at North Star. Half off mussels and hummus, and $3 Kenzos. On to the Sidecar at 9:15 p.m. Dollar off bitter beers. Hope to see ya tonight.

As for JGTSpI scoring, we’ll do it the same as we’ve done it in the past. 5 points for a win, 3 points for 2nd, and 1 point for 3rd. Plus we’ll have some physical challenges starting next week. We’ll go for an 8 week regular season, a wild card week, and then our big event will be May. And to put a player on your team in the Big Event, they must have played with your team at least once in the 9 weeks of the season. (I’m sure Nate made friends with all of the Jeopardy champions at Quizzo Bowl and will try to charm 4 of them into playing on Steak Em Up at the Big Event otherwise.)

JGTAI Scores Posted

Here they are, the JGTAI scores through four weeks. This includes giving each team that submitted a physical challenge 3 points for the submission…whichever team wins the voting below will get 3 bonus points and a bonus prize. This does not include last night’s results. Now, if you haven’t scored yet and want to earn some points for the bonus prize, good news…the Rocky Horror Balboa Show quiz will be worth double points. Oh, and a new physical challenge has just been posted.

The Thrilla in West Phila

It was, without question, the most dramatic finale in quizzo history. Somehow, we had never had a tie at any previous quizzo Major. (There are 4 Majors: the Spring, Summer, and Fall Invitationals, and Quizzo Bowl.) On Sunday, we had the most electrifying tie imaginable.

A week before the event, I told quizzo legend Garbo he had to play with Popesack Ressurected. He had played with them as often as he played with Steak Em Up the past few months, and quite frankly, I wanted Steak Em Up to lose. He was fine with it, even if Steak Em Up was not. For four rounds, it made no difference. Garbo had to work, and didn’t arrive until moments before Round Five. As he took his seat, Kenney of the Steak yelled “Judas”. S*** got real. The two teams were tied for 2nd heading into that round. They both missed the same two questions (Most career doubles and Bronson Pinchot’s show). The top team heading into the final round (the Quizasters) were hoping to pull off a win for Chris’s 40th birthday, but it was not to be and they dropped to 4th. So the top two teams were Steak Em Up and Popesack Resurrected, who were tied at 140.

I prepared to ask a tiebreaker question, when Kristy of Steak Em Up said, “Chug Off”. Popesack was game, and sent Garbo, long a staple of Steak Em Up (and before that Sofa Kingdom), up to try to defeat his former team. It was Garbo vs. Kristy, and they slammed their beers in front of a standing room only audience. Garbo edged Kristy, the crowd went wild, and Popesack took the title, in the most controversial and spectacular finish in quizzo history, a match forever known as the Thrilla in West Phila.

Final Springvitational Scores Posted

Here they are, folks, our scores at the conclusion of 9 weeks. Teams in the yellow are eligible for the bonus prize. Teams in green have earned an invite. I will contact you guys this weekend with your invites. Teams in orange are on the bubble…they have a very good chance of receiving an invite, since every time we do this a few teams can’t make it and other teams join forces. I’ll contact them once I’ve heard from the other teams. Teams in the blue, there is probably only one shot left to play in the Invitational and get to hear the legendary Kenn Kweder. You will have to finish in the Top 2 next week at one of the quizzes to earn a wild card birth. I’ll give you more info early next week.