JGTSpI Scores After Four Weeks


Here are our scores after 4 weeks. Inkspot has a big lead, as they’ve been active on twitter and with physical challenges. Teams in yellow would earn an invite if the season ended today, and teams in blue would still have some work to do. But the season doesn’t end today…it’s a ten week season, so there’s plenty of time if you need to earn points.

Aq uick way to earn your team points: write about attending quizzo on twitter. Anybody on your team who does that earns their team a point for the week (be sure to include @johnnygoodtimes in the tweet so I can see that you wrote it.) And it has to say something. You can’t just post your team name

And this week will be Double Points Week on Wednesday. So a big week for teams at the Vous and Black Sheep. Easiest places to get a win? Hard to call any of them easiest anymore, but the most parity seems to exist at North Star, Sidecar, O’Neals, and Industry, so those are probably your best bets.

Furthermore, I posted a week or two ago that teams could earn points by posting pictures of themselves photobombing someone on the quizzo facebook page…nobody has taken advantage of that one yet. It’s still available for one more week.

And this week is Down ┬áHome Country Week…anyone wearing cowboy boots, camouflage, a large belt buckle, or a straw hat earns their team a point.

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