The Thrilla in West Phila

It was, without question, the most dramatic finale in quizzo history. Somehow, we had never had a tie at any previous quizzo Major. (There are 4 Majors: the Spring, Summer, and Fall Invitationals, and Quizzo Bowl.) On Sunday, we had the most electrifying tie imaginable.

A week before the event, I told quizzo legend Garbo he had to play with Popesack Ressurected. He had played with them as often as he played with Steak Em Up the past few months, and quite frankly, I wanted Steak Em Up to lose. He was fine with it, even if Steak Em Up was not. For four rounds, it made no difference. Garbo had to work, and didn’t arrive until moments before Round Five. As he took his seat, Kenney of the Steak yelled “Judas”. S*** got real. The two teams were tied for 2nd heading into that round. They both missed the same two questions (Most career doubles and Bronson Pinchot’s show). The top team heading into the final round (the Quizasters) were hoping to pull off a win for Chris’s 40th birthday, but it was not to be and they dropped to 4th. So the top two teams were Steak Em Up and Popesack Resurrected, who were tied at 140.

I prepared to ask a tiebreaker question, when Kristy of Steak Em Up said, “Chug Off”. Popesack was game, and sent Garbo, long a staple of Steak Em Up (and before that Sofa Kingdom), up to try to defeat his former team. It was Garbo vs. Kristy, and they slammed their beers in front of a standing room only audience. Garbo edged Kristy, the crowd went wild, and Popesack took the title, in the most controversial and spectacular finish in quizzo history, a match forever known as the Thrilla in West Phila.

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