JGTSpI Scores Through 5 Weeks

Here they are, the JGTSpI scores through 5 weeks. Teams in the yellow are in good shape for right now, and if the season ended today would be in line for a bonus prize which I will probably forget to give away until right after the Invitational is over that will be given away at the Invitational. Teams in green would earn an invite if the season ended today. Teams in the blue still have some work to do. Some of our bigger names on the outside looking in: last year’s JGTSpI champs Popesack, perennial O’Neals powerhouse Savage Ear, and former JGTAI champs Specific Jawns.

The good news is that there are still 4 more weeks (plus a wild card week) to get your ass in gear. Wanna earn points quick? There is a new physical challenge posted for starters. Want to earn points the old fashioned way? Best spots to get a top 3 finish right now are North Star, O’Neals, and Industry. Hands down. As for the event itself, we’re gonna be doing it outdoors (weather permitting) at City Tap House on May 19th. Working on getting a ┬áband now (and feel free to shoot me suggestions for band).

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