Scores Heading Into Final Week of JGTSpI

Here they are. Our scores with one week left to go. Things are getting tight. Only 20 teams will earn an invite to Percy’s BBQ on Sunday at 1 p.m. Teams in yellow have lined up invites and if the season ended today would be fighting for the $75 Bonus Gift Certificate. Teams in green would earn an invite (there are a few more than 20, b/c I know some teams will combine forces and others will not be able to make it.) There are a few teams that have played under various names. If you want to play on Sunday, you must let me know what your team names were so I can combine your points! I will have actual invitations to hand out this week (on gold paper!)

Again, the event is this Sunday at Percy St. BBQ. If you’ve not tried their BBQ yet, you are in for a treat. It is awesome (and this is coming from a guy who is from BBQ country), which was a major reason why I asked them if we could hold the event there. Steve-O is going to entertain between rounds, and there will be great drink and food specials, as well as great prizes for the top finishers. Teams in the Top 10 after the season will be eligible for a bonus prize, and total of prizes will be worth over $500. This is gonna be a hoot. If you just need a few more points to get over the hump, there is one last physical challenge on facebook that can earn you up to 5 points. Hope to see ya there!

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