Final Scores are Up for JGTSpI

Here they are, the final scores for the JGTSpI. If your team is in yellow, then you are in the running for the bonus prize. If you are in yellow or green, then you made the cut, and can your shot at the hundreds of dollars worth of prizes. If you haven’t already, please contact me and let me know if you are playing ( I need to put the numbers together for Percy Street.

We’re gonna have a lot of fun on Sunday. $3 Sly Fox and $3 Hillbilly Gatorade, and their BBQ is absolutely incredible. And not only is city council candidate/piano man Steve-O going to be playing piano between rounds, but there’s going to be a raffle to put the 3 time Quizzo Bowl winner on one of our teams. Congrats to the teams who made the cut, and look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

UPDATED: I forgot to mention that if small teams (1-3 people) who played over the past 8 weeks want to play, I can probably put you on a team. Just let me know.

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