Our Standings After Two Weeks!

Quite a bit of movement on our leaderboard after a tough Week 2 quiz. That includes a spectacular collapse for the Super Spreaders, who went from our Top Score to out of our First Fourteen (the teams that would have a first round bye if the season ended today). Congrats to Quarantine Spirit, who have taken over the top spot. And remember, you can click on brackets at the bottom to see what the tourney would look like if the season ended today. (Shout out to Carl for making that page happen…really freaking cool).

Let the Madness Begin!

April Madness is here, folks, and things have worked out quite nicely. We hit our goal of 48 teams, all of them vying for the prestigious tourney title. Here’s everything you need to know:

WHO: 48 of our most illustrious teams. Well, actually 49, 48 of whom will make the tourney.

WHAT: The second annual April Madness Tourney.

WHEN: March 29th-May 23rd.

WHERE: On Zoom.

WHY: Why not?

HOW: 5 weeks to accumulate points, then we seed based off of those points. All regular season games will be your team in zoom with your quizmaster. Top 16 teams will get a first round bye, the next 32 teams will have a first round game….then 16 of them that win move into the next round. The 16 that lose start the losers bracket. Of the final 32, the losers in that first round will also go to the losers bracket. So everyone is guaranteed at least 7 games.

HOW DID IT LOOK LAST YEAR? Here’s the bracket from last year’s tourney. This years will be even better, since we’re actually basing seedings on something, so we’ll have a fun regular season before we get to the tourney.

WHAT’S UP WITH PAYMENT: Pretty simple, half of payment is due on April 1st, the other half on May 1st. (Cost is $350 total per team for the season). You can venmo payment to @jgtquizzo or paypal it to johnny at johnnygoodtimes dot com.

WHAT WILL THE TOPICS BE: Not going to tell you the definite topics, but we’ll be picking 15 out of the following 20. Once the playoffs start, we’ll be going with general knowledge.

CAN WE STILL ENTER: We’ll take one more team to get it up to 50, so if you wanna be that team you can sign up here.


IS THERE A CHARITY COMPONENT? Yes, $10 of each teams fee goes towards the Poor People’s Army’s ongoing struggle to house families.


ANY “EXTRAS”? Yes, I am still working on putting an All-Star game together, and if my idea comes to fruition it’s gonna be awesome. Hope to have it locked up in the next week. Also, put it down in your calendar: we’ll be doing a giant movie quiz on April 25th, before the Oscar’s begin.

LET’S PARTY: Let’s do it to it!

April Madness is Back!

Hard to believe, but we’ve been doing this thing for a year now. Which means that tournament time is here! In what we suspect will be our final “full scale” season before returning to some semblance of normal, we’ll determine if Social Distance Warriors can repeat as champions (don’t worry, out-of-towners and suburbanites…we’ll still be running leagues online forever, as longs as there are teams that want to play them). Here’s how it’s going to be set up:

March 14th: Sign-ups for April Madness begin. You can sign up here.

March 21st: Winter Warz Final 

March 22nd-26th: Offseason (one-off quizzes).

March 29th: April Madness starts.

April 1st: First payment due.

March 29th-April 30th: 5 Week Season to determine seedings…not by head to head but by total points.  

May 1st: 2nd payment due.

May 3rd-7th: First round of tourney (All head to heads). 

May 10th-14th: Second week is the 2nd round. Losers brackets begins.

May 17th-21st: Week is the Sweet 16/Final 8.

May 23rd: Final Four quiz (all 4 play at once in both brackets….game airs live).