The Playoffs are Here!

Watch Carl, J Michael, and JGT break down the brackets and pick their Cinderellas here.

Alright folks, after a thrilling 5 week regular season, we’re on to the playoffs (See our playoff preview above). And here’s how it breaks down:

May 3rd-7th: Week One are the play-in games. These will be played as usual, with the QM of your choice. If you haven’t signed up already, you can do so here.The teams with a first round bye are still welcome to play this week, but they’ll be helping us experiment with some new tech…Carl sent them an email Sunday to explain.

May 10th-14th: Next week we move into Phase 2 of the playoffs. Those games will be played once or twice a night in group sessions (On either Zoom or Luna Park). You’ll be able to pick your night, Monday or Tuesday, for the Round of 32, then pick your night, Wednesday or Thursday, for the Sweet 16. The teams that lost in Week 1 are welcome to play along as well.

May 17th-23rd: The next week we’ll break it down for our Final 8..we’ll give them two different options to play that week. The rest of our teams: you’re welcome to buy in for a session that week as well. Our Finals will be our Final Four teams playing on Sunday night the 23rd, and we’ll be carrying that game live on Facebook. Best of luck to all of our teams. Let the Madness begin!

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