The Special Masters Win Their First Ever Quizzo Bowl!

On an electric Saturday night at the World Cafe Live, the Special Masters stunned the quizzo establishment with a 155-151 victory over the defending champs, Boyz II Menehune. Sofa Principality finished 3rd.

Our “Back to School” themed night began with JGT and lil’ Goodtimes performing the dance routine from Napoleon Dynamite. We then went into Round 1, “Are You Smarter than a Canadian 5th Grader?” (I’ll post some of the questions later). Round two was a definite highlight, as Doogie Horner introduced an art round in which he had drawn famous artists…as if they were kids. So a very fun round you can watch here.

Round Three was a “School Cafeteria Before and After round, followed by the music round, hosted by JGT and Reef the Lost Cauze, rapping rock songs about school. After four rounds, we had a tie between the Special Masters, 3-time champion Lambda, and 2-time champion the Zodiac Killers. Chip hosted a History video round, then we moved to the Impossible Round. And that’s where the Masters broke away from the pack, missing only one part of the Weekly double, but otherwise running the round.

The between-round performances by Friends of the Family were SPECTACULAR, we were able to get a lot of school supplies for our friends at the Poor People’s Army, and we’ll have lots of great photos posted for ya soon. Here were our final scores.

  1. Special Masters 155
  2. Boyz II Menehune 151
  3. Sofa Principality 149
  4. Midvale School for the Gifted 145
  5. Run the Crown Jewels 144
  6. Yacht Rock 140
  7. The Zodiac Killer$ 138
  8. Lambda 135
  9. Charles III in Charge 133
  10. This Could’ve Been a Zoom Session 124
  11. Kids Who Can’t Read Good 120
  12. RIPenis 116
  13. Stone Cold Steve’s Awesome 114
  14. Jesse’s Girls ft Appelonia 113
  15. Tuesday Night Quizzo Club 111
  16. Happy National TV Dinner Day 102
  17. Nudie Magazine Day! 102
  18. Inturnts 98
  19. Charles in Charge 93
  20. We Are Marshall 78
  21. Quiz in my Pants 60
  22. Geoman 37

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