So You’re Playing Quizzo Bowl?

So you’re playing Quizzo Bowl? Whether this is your first or 17th, we’re really excited to have you on board. This is gonna be a blast! Here’s what you need to know:

The event is at the World Cafe Live, 30th and Walnut. You’ll enter on Walnut. The doors are at 7, show is at 8. Know the purchaser of your tickets! That will get you in the venue without needing to wait for everybody to arrive. It’s all general seating, so first come first serve on that.

If you’d like to play and have not already bought tickets…no problem! We’ve definitely got a few tables left. Your guaranteed bet is to buy them online, but at last count you should be OK getting them at the box office. 

The show will start at 8 PM. We’ve got a new star to help open this year’s show.

It will be a 6-round, 48 question quiz. It will not move as fast as a typical quiz, so kick back and relax. We’ll have live music, games and nonsense to enjoy. This ain’t as Tuesday, let’s hang out, party a little, and luxuriate in all of this bonus trivia. I’ll post the run of show below, so you know what to expect.

Needless to say, there are no phones allowed during gameplay BUT you are welcome to use them during the rest of the show. So please take photos of your team, of you and Fastball Bob, of you and the trophy, whatever, and be sure to tag @jgtquizzo on instagram and use the hashtag #QBXVII. And yes, we will have a pro photog there as well, so be sure to get a team pic! 

I am asking everyone who attends to bring a school supply! We will then give them all to our friends at the Poor People’s Army to hand out to Philly schoolchildren who need them. Pens, pencils, bookbags, markers, it really can be anything, and most places are doing big sales on them now since school already started.

If you have a small group and want to play, that’s no problem at all! But I will probably team you up with another small group to make a team. It helps build our little community, and it makes things easier for Chip and I to grade! 

There will be an afterparty! We’ll be headed right down the street to one of the great dive bars in the city, Bonner’s, to wind down and to raise a glass to the champions.

Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow night. Gonna be a fun show!

7:00 Doors

8:00 Show starts, Round One begins

8:30 Round One Ends, Round Two begins

8:40 Round Two ends, band begins

9:00 Review answers to rounds One and Two

9:10 Round Three begins

9:20 Round Three ends, Round Four begins

9:40 Round Four Ends, Band plays

10:00 Review answers to rounds 3 and 4

10:20 Begin Round Five

10:30 Begin Round Six 

10:40 End Round Six, Band plays

11:00 Review answers, give out final scores

11:15 Finis!
Best of luck!

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