World Cup of Quizzo

56 teams competing in the ultimate online Quizzo. Teams compete in group play before the top 28 seeds plus 4 wild cards move on to the championship round. Those that don’t advance will still play at least one more match in the consolation bracket.


World Cup of Quizzo 2020 Champions

2020 World Cup of Quizzo Champion
Underground Bard

Underground Bard defeated Social Distance Warriors in the 2020 World Cup of Quizzo on Monday, June 8th in Overtime. Underground Bard nailing the age of Herb Albert as 85 years old.

In the Serie B final, the Texas City Players Club turned in a perfect score in knocking off the Jawns.

Serie A Bracket

Serie B Bracket

Group Play

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Top Scores

Social Distance Warriors52Serie A: Round 1
Underground Bard52Serie A: Round 2
Boys II Menehune52Serie A: Round 2
Cool Cats and Kittens52Serie A: Round 2
Social Distance Warriors52Serie A: Elite 8
Boys II Menehune52Serie A: Elite 8
Underground Bard52Serie A: Elite 8
The Jawns52Serie B: Final Four
Texas City Players Club52Serie B Championship Game
Careless Fister51Week 3

Average Scores by Week

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