Overtime, Trash Talk, and a Shirtless Team On a Wild Tuesday Night

Things started pretty mellow on Monday, but got wild on Tuesday night. A member of Careless Fister closed out their victory over the Super Spreaders by hollering “Spread em for the Fister!” and a rivalry was born. The Fister will take on the winner of Pop Fit Studio and DelCoOVID 19.

Things got interesting in the Sweet Hats vs Boyz II Menehune matchup, as the Boyz II Menehune returned from their first breakout room imitating the Sweet Hats trademark of wearing sweet hats. The Sweet Hats then returned from the second breakout room wearing no shirts. The psychological chess game was a draw, but the Menehunes won the quiz, 49-45. B2M will face off against the winner of Duane’s World and In the Lead.

B2M showed up with hats…
The Sweet Hats responded by taking off their shirts.

In a matchup of the wily veterans of the Missing Heads and millenials of FFSF, the Heads struggled with clock management and fell in OT to the spry young FFSF crew. FFSF will play the winner of Cool Cats & Kittens vs Queso Regionale.

The L Ron Hubbard vs Mad Princes matchup came down to the very last question, as the two teams were tied through 23. But L Ron was able to get all 6 points on the double and squeak out a 44-42 win. They’ll go up against the winner of Lambda and I Shaved My Legs.

There’s No I, who only made the tourney by virtue of a coin toss, came away with a 49-47 win over hard luck El Tigre, who they had also narrowly defeated in group play. They’ll move on to play the winner of Social Distance Warriors vs Pearls of Wisdom.

To see the full bracket, click here.

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