Missing Heads

We met in an MRI lab at Penn It was a sub-basement lab that formerly housed the swimming pool for a Nursing School dormitory, and there were occasional sightings of ghostly figures resembling Esther Williams.

We started playing Quizzo regularly with Johnny in the early 2000s. Taking written exams in dark rooms seemed like a natural extension of our work lives. We also appreciated being able to multi-task by doing something else while drinking. Our original team name was ripped from the headlines and immortalized a serial decapitator: “The Missing Heads of Robert Durst”

Bars Repped

Back when we started we played at The Black Sheep. Later on we were regulars at The Industry Bar. Now we wander as part of the Quizzo diaspora.


Gene, Walter & Erin, Mark, Ari/“Bort” & Ana, Matt & Kristin

Claims to Fame

We won the first two Philadelphia Science Festival Quizzes. Johnny was involved in the first one, which was a close fought battle with a Sofa Kingdom based team. I think we placed in a Spring invitational at the Field House once.