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Hey kids, I had a doctors appointment this morning and have a private gig tonight, so I haven’t had time to post final scores from this week. I’ll try to get that up tomorrow morning. I do want to acknowledge this week’s finest performance (other than the Exhausted Nihilists win over the Steak on Sunday). On Tuesday at O’Neals, the Missing Heads got a remarkable 39 out of 40 correct, their only mistake coming in the speed round, and finished with a 119. Another impressive performance came at the Black Sheep on Tuesday as I saw something I had never seen before. We’re Totally F***ed (above) really knew their International cuisine, as they got all ten questions correct. However, the rest of their international knowledge was lacking, as they shot the moon in Round Four. It was the first time I can ever remember a team getting every question right in Round Three and every question wrong in Round Four.

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