Winter Warz


2021 Winter Warz Trophy

Winter Warz 2020 Champion
Mathematicians Must Be Right

It took double overtime to settle the Winter Warz. In the end, Mathematicians Must Be Right reigned supreme.

Greetings Quizzo diehards. The Winter Warz is upon us.

SIGN UP NOW: To reserve your team’s spot, fill out this form.

SEASON: Season kicks off the week of January 4th. 10-week regular season via Zoom. One week of playoffs week of March 15, in Breakout Room format. 12 games guaranteed including the brand new Mid-Season Mixer (see below). Final will be held on Sunday, March 21.

GAME FORMAT: The 10-week regular season in 40 minute Zoom Quizzo sessions. Top nine scores are used to determine your overall score.

LEAGUE FORMAT: Up to 60 teams. Two conferences. You “play against” your division rivals twice.

QUIZZO TOPICS: There will be three topics per week, one per round. This will keep the quizzes “general” but still allows us to have some fun with your ideas for topics. We’ve already gotten a ton of suggestions, but would love to hear even more. Topics for the first five weeks were announced on Sunday, January 3.

First Half Trivia Categories

  • 90s Celebrity Gossip; African American Culture; Before and After; True Crime & Serial Killers; Obscure Sports; Trump Tweets; Furniture; Colors; South Pacific; Latin America; Snakes; World Religions; Horror Films; Arizona; Academy Awards

Second Half Trivia Categories

Jazz; American Lit; International Skylines; 1920s; New Orleans; Trees; Cults; Before & After; Dinosaurs; Board Games; Arkansas; Nobel Prizes; Baseball; Foreign Films; Feminist Literature

MID-SEASON MIXER: We’ll also offer a “Mid-Season Mixer”, where everyone in the league is welcome to play…but instead of breaking into your previous teams we’ll split you up randomly into teams. Thought it might be a fun way to get to know some new quizzers, some who have been playing along since March, and some of them going back years and even decades. 

PLAYOFFS: 32 teams make the playoffs – 16 per conference. 1st & 2nd place in each division earn an automatic berth. 1st place teams get a bye and advance to the Semifinals, 2nd place teams play in the Wild Card Game (20 teams total). Of the remaining teams, the top 5 average scorers per conference gain a Wild Card berth (10 teams total). And then in Week 10, the remaining teams per conference NOT mentioned above compete for a final “Joker’s Wild Card” slot, based on their Week 10 quiz score. (2 teams total).

RULES UPDATES: 40 minute time limit, 2 hints available in the final round for a 2-pt deduction. In an effort to limit the “ringers” factor, in order for individual players to be eligible for the postseason, they will need to have played in at least 5 regular season games.

PAYMENT: $450 per team, with $20 going to a local charity. Final payment is due by February 1. Payment can be made via Venmo to @jgtquizzo.

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