Quizzo This Week!

Shoutout to everyone who participated in our 50-50 raffles last week: we raised $280, enough for 14 heaters for our friends at the Poor People’s Army to give out to those in need!

Last week we went international, this week it’s back to a regular quiz. We also went back to paper sheets at most of our venues. For the massive quizzes (i.e. Dock Street) I’ll probably stay online because it pushes the quiz along but for the others I’ll be moving back to the good old fashioned paper and pencil (or pen). Also, gonna start a $5 Tecate and tequila deal at Loco Pez this week. Here’s our schedule for this week. Let’s Go!


Loco Pez (20th and Bainbridge) 7 PM


Founding Fathers 8 PM


Dock Street 8 PM


Deli at Dwell (with Taryn) 7 PM

Birra (with Carl) 8 PM

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