State of the Qunion

Just a quick update on where we stand heading into the holidays:

I have actually gotten pretty good about posting winners on the JGT Quizzo Page on Instagram, so if you wanna see what’s going on in real time, follow us there.

Shout out to everyone who participated in our 50-50 raffles last week. We raised over $200 for heaters for people in need. And thanks to our friends at Rittenhouse Hardware, we got a great deal on some good heaters. The crew over at PPEHRC picked them up yesterday. Thanks again. We’ll have our annual toy drive kicking off next week, so keep your eyes open for that.

As far as our actual quizzes:

Loco Pez is off to a nice start. We’ve been averaging about 20 people a week as we get off the ground, would love to get that up closer to 35 or so. It’s an intimate space and a LOT of fun to do a quiz there. Since it’s small I can riff more with the crowd and with no dominant team there is certainly a great opportunity for teams to get a win. Starting to see some old Sidecar teams trickle back, which has been really cool.

A great win for 7th Place at a packed Founding Fathers this past week. It’s been pretty solid there, There’s No I has established themselves as the team to beat thus far, but they got smoked this week.

Dock Street South is a) packed and b) dominated by Duane’s World. It’s a rocking good time every week, I really like our Wednesday night staff there, just a really solid spot.

On Thursdays, Taryn has been doing a great job at Deli at Dwell. I’m still going to host some quizzes there, but Taryn seems to be building a nice following. It’s a great place for a quiz: the sandwiches are terrific, and being able to buy a 4 pack or a draft beer is pretty cool. No dominant team yet.

Also on Thursdays, Birra has been somewhat hit or miss: slammed last week, mellow this week. Jitney Spears has been dominant there lately, winning four straight. Truly terrific pizza there.

As far as virtual quizzes, we’ll be getting back to those in January with our next Winter War.

If you’re looking for a company holiday party, we’ve got you covered. We can host either a virtual quiz OR an in-person one. Just click here to get an estimate.

And if you’re not already, get yourself signed up for the Friday Five. It’s my short, fun newsletter telling you what I’m eating, drinking and watching. I also tend to put a lot of quizzo updates on it. Next one goes out this afternoon.

Shout out to Leonard: we used his “Rhymes with Gritty” round this past week. Wanna suggest a topic for a future week? Let us know on Facebook.

And congrats to Cool Cats and Kittens, who won our Fall Brawl. Great job by our crew making this past season happen, especially J Michael and Carl. Winter Warz will kick off in January.

Have a great weekend everyone and hope to see ya next week!

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