Winners’ Pics Are now Posted on IG

OK, I’m serious this time: we’re going to post winning team photos at the JGTQuizzo page on Instagram. Been posting them the last couple of weeks. Feel free to tag any friends you see in the pics that are already up, and we’ll have the winners of tonight’s Founding Fathers quiz as soon as the quiz wraps up. Pictured above are the Sidecardigans, who won the first ever quiz at Loco Pez G-Ho last night! We’ll be back with our next quiz next Monday at 7. The rest of the week’s schedule is below:


  • Founding Fathers 8 PM


  • Dock Street South 8 PM


  • Deli at Dwell (with The Sandman) 7 PM
  • Birra (with Carl) 8 PM

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