Here’s the Gameplan for Today


Anybody who wants to take in the above view today at 4 p.m. while drinking $3 beers and listening to a steel drum band that has not already bought a ticket, meet us down at 401 South Columbus Blvd at 2 p.m. (CASH OR CHECK ONLY!) There are still some tables available!

Next up, download your Uber app. You’re going to want to request a pickup, give yourself a few minutes to get picked up, etc. Give yourself time to get there early! Try to arrive at around 2. Once the boat has left the dock it ain’t coming back, and we gotta give everyone boarding passes, so I want to get everyone there early so we can get em boarded and get this party started as early as possible. If you are driving and not taking a cab, here is a map of where the place is. It’s at 401 South Columbus Boulevard, located right next to the Moshulu.

Once we board the boat, it will be meal time. Find your team a table and dig in at the buffet. If you’ve got a smaller team I’ll do my best to hook you up with a larger one. There will be half a sheet of paper in front of you. Put your team name on that and walk it over to the judges table. We will begin the festivities with a sweet little jam (no rapping of course), and then it’s time to jump right in.

We will do five rounds, ten questions each, with breaks after the second and fourth rounds. We are on an extremely tight time schedule, so there is a pretty good possibility that we will be reading the final results at the afterparty! Just a heads up.

As for the afterparty, it will be at Winterfest, which is a 10-15 minute walk up the waterfront. Gonna be an awesome night for a waterfront stroll. Just head towards Penn’s Landing when you get off the boat and it’s right past that, just beyond the ice skating rink.

That’s where we will reveal our final scores, that’s where TJ Kong moves from leading a yacht rock group to a down and dirty rock and roll band, where if you want to you can hang out by the fire pits, where the WID will perform his insanity, and where we’ll be giving away the over $600 worth of prizes we’ve got to give away. There are also rumors of a roving band of guerilla comedians appearing at the outdoor part of the facility. We’ll see. All in all, it’s gonna be a ton of action, a ton of fun, and I hope to see ya there!

For more info on Quizzo Bowl, click here.

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