Everything You Need to Know About Quizzo Bowl X



WHO: You, me, and various other nerds traveling from as far away as Austin and Denver.

WHAT: Quizzo Bowl X, the most prestigious quizzo event in the country.

WHEN: February 22, 2013, at 2:30 p.m. Yep, it’s an afternoon quiz. Be at the boat at 2:30 for boarding…hoping to get the quiz started a little after 3, so we don’t have a lot of time to dilly dally. The quiz will run until 6 p.m., when we will disembark. We will then have an afterparty at Winterfest, a 10-minute walk down the waterfront from the boat.

WHERE: The Spirit of Philadelphia, a luxury liner that will be plying the mighty Delaware River. It boards at 401 South Christopher Columbus Blvd.

WHY: Because we can.

WHY NOT WORLD CAFE LIVE? I love the World Cafe Live. I can’t wait to do it there again. But this being the tenth one, I thought we had to do something a little crazy. This is a little crazy.

PRICE: The price for the Quizzo Bowl this year is $50. The price includes:

  • A cab ride to the event courtesy of Uber (up to a $20 ride for first time users. Odds are somebody on your team hasn’t used Uber yet…have them sign up and then you guys can ride free).
  • Admission to the afterparty.
  • Lunch which will be served on board. There will be drink specials on board.
  • An amazing oppotunity to see the Philadelphia skyline from the river. Or, if you get bad seats, Camden. (I’m kidding, the boat will obviously go both ways so you’ll see both sides.)

I know $50 isn’t cheap, so I am packing as much action and fun into those $50 as is humanly possible. Two incredible bands, a few surprise performers at the afterparty, tons of prizes to give away, free food, free cab ride to the event, $3 beers on board the boat, and a ride up and down the Delaware River? $50 is a pretty damn good deal for all of that.

THAT’S A LOT OF MONEY. I BETTER BE GETTING SOME FASTBALL BOB WITH THAT MONEY. You will be getting all of the Fastball Bob that you can handle. And then a lot, lot more.
PRIZES: As usual, tons of giveaways to local bars and restaraunts, and a purse for the top three teams that’s valued at almost $1500.

WHAT IS THE MAX TEAM SIZE? MINIMUM TEAM SIZE? The most players you can have on a team is 8. If you have less than 5 players, I will probably try to team you up with some other players. Let me know if it’s only a couple of you, I can do some mix and matching…last year a team that was a mix of three different teams finished 2nd.

ENTERTAINMENT: TJ Kong will be teaming up with a smooth yacht rock-style band to play on the boat. At the afterparty, Kong will be teaming up with his normal backup band, the Atomic Bomb, to rock your freaking faces off. They will be one of the best rock bands you ever see. Seriously, the music is going to absolutely kick ass.

DID YOU SAY AFTERPARTY? Yes, since this is our 10th Quizzo Bowl, it’s gonna be an all day event. After the boat ride, we’re gonna head down the waterfront to the Lodge at Winterfest, where we will be enjoying food and drink specials, live music, trivia face-offs for prizes, and a few surprises as well. Afterparty is included in admission to the event.

WHERE CAN I GET TICKETS? I will have tickets on me at the various quizzes on the circuit. You can also purchase them online at Brown Paper Tickets. 

IS THIS GOING TO BE AWESOME? Were you at any of the first nine Quizzo Bowls*? Hell yeah! I have teams that love this event so much they fly in from Denver and Austin for it. I have teams that have done this every year for the past 7, 8, 9 years. It is an event unlike anything else on earth. And oh, did I mention, WE’RE GOING TO BE RIDING ON A FREAKING BOAT! What are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now! 

ANY QUESTIONS? Leave ’em in the comments below.

*Well, besides maybe “Quzzo” Bowl VI. That one was weird. But the other 8 were all freaking awesome.

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